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  1. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    January 27, 2013 9:48am UTC
    Hey, everyone. It's 1live2love9laugh6 (Andrea), author of Our Summer, New Girl, and Forget Me Not. I know I said I wouldn't, but I've been considering putting another story on Witty. The one I'm writing right now has a lot of swear words in it, though, so I would have to write a new one specifically for Witty with no swearing. What do you guys think?

  2. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    September 4, 2012 5:41pm UTC
    I'm not starting a new story.
    I know I said I would, but I just can't.
    With school starting, I don't have time.
    I have no new ideas, but most importantly...
    Witty isn't what it used to be.
    Again, I'm sorry.

  3. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    August 17, 2012 1:18pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    *One year later*
    Her lips were warm and smooth, and Oliver looked down at the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen after he pulled out of the kiss.
    Randi smiled elusively. The gem in the necklace Oliver had given her seemed to pulse at her throat. He reached out to hug her, but she stepped backwards. He frowned as she turned.
    “Randi!” he called as she started turning the other way. “Randi, wait!”
    She turned and threw a smile back over her shoulder, but continued to lope gracefully away. Oliver tried to catch her, but it was too much effort to put on foot in front of the other. He wasn’t getting anywhere, and Randi was getting farther and farther away.
    Oliver awoke with a start. He could almost smell Randi’s strawberry shampoo. As the dream faded away, sadness grasped his heart. He forced himself out of bed and took a quick shower before getting the flowers he’d gotten the night before and heading out to his car.
    The drive to the cemetery was short, and Oliver made it often. Today he’d gotten up early to go before school.
    He went to the grave and sat down cross-legged in front of it. He stared at the years.
    “You were too young,” he murmured and reached forward to touch the cold, hard stone where her name was carved, wishing it was Randi’s soft face instead.
    His arm had healed quickly, and he was back in peak physical condition. Emotionally, though, he was still a wreck. Some days, he would be okay. Then others, it would all hit him with such force that he could barely move with the pain. On days like that, he was amazed he even managed to get out of bed, let alone go to school. It was if when Randi lost her life, he lost his as well. The only difference was that his heart was still beating, and hers was lifeless, lying beneath the ground he was sitting on.
    “I should’ve died, not you,” he whispered. He did that often when he came to visit the grave. He always talked to her, and he still told her everything that went on in his life. Today, though, he was silent except for a few brief sentences.
    Finally, the words he was able to choke out the words he came to say.
    “Happy birthday, beautiful.”
    He rubbed at his eyes hard, and forced the tears back, and then he continued.
    “You would’ve been seventeen today. You’ll always be sixteen in my memory though. You’re forever sixteen, and I have to go on living like a zombie.”
    He sighed. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I don’t mean to complain.”
    He was silent again until he got up to leave. Before he did, he laid the blue forget-me-nots on the grave.
    “I won’t,” he whispered, and he walked away.
    Author's Note: I know it took me awhile, and I'm sorry.
    I hope you like it, though, even though it's sad.
    To answer a question that a few of you asked me on my last chapter:
    Yes, I do plan on writing another story, but I don't know when because I currently have writer's block and absolutely no new ideas.
    Thanks for reading my story. I really appreciate the support. (:

  4. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2012 7:42pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    Randi opened the box. On top was a small piece of paper folded in half, and she picked it up. She unfolded it and read the note aloud.
    “The key to my heart.”
    Randi looked at him and gave him a smile before looking down at the gift.
    Inside the box, lay a necklace with an ornate silver key hanging on a delicate chain. In the cent of the key was a blue gemstone.
    "Oliver,” she whispered and looked up at him in awe. “It’s beautiful.”
    “Not as beautiful as you,” Oliver murmured and took the box from her. He pulled out the necklace and went behind Randi to put it around her neck. She lifted her hair away as he locked the clasp. He kissed her neck gently before he placed her hair back where it was. Randi shivered, but not from cold. In fact, she felt quite warm.
    On the drive home, one of Randi’s favorite songs came on the radio, and Oliver turned it up full blast. They both sang along at the top of their longs, as off tune as they possibly could. Randi swung her head back and forth, singing into an imaginary microphone, and Oliver laughed at her. Randi held the imaginary microphone out to him. He leaned towards her and began singing, swerving like crazy.
    Neither of them saw the green light change to red.
    Neither one of them saw the headlights or heard the other car’s horn honking until it was too late.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Oliver was trying to sleep, but an incessant beeping wouldn’t let him go back to his dreams. His head was pounding, and he tried to roll over, but pain shot through him. His entire body felt like a bruise.
    He forced his eyes open and found himself lying in a hospital bed. His right arm was in a cast, and his other arm was hooked up to an IV. Machines were attached to him everywhere – one of them was what was causing that relentless beeping.
    He frowned, confused. He looked over, and saw his dad sitting in a hospital chair, head leaning to one side, fast asleep.
    “Dad?” Oliver croaked, his voice scratchy from misuse. Mr. Elliot stirred and his eyes opened slowly. When he saw that Oliver was awake, he sat forward suddenly.
    “What’s going on?” Oliver asked, frowning. He tried to remember what had happened. The last thing he could recall was taking Randi home after their date…
    Then it hit him. He felt the breath go out of his chest, and Mr. Elliot flinched, seeing the realization in his son’s eyes.
    “Miranda?” he managed to whisper through the heavy weight on his chest.
    “Oliver,” Mr. Elliot began, placing a hand on Oliver’s good arm.
    “Dad, where is she?” Oliver said, panic entering his voice. His eyes searched the hospital room. She should be there, waiting for him to wake up. “Dad!”
    Mr. Elliot looked as his hands and back at his son’s face. His heart was breaking for him.
    “Oliver,” he began again. “Miranda didn’t make it,” he forced the words over the lump in his throat.
    Instantaneously, Oliver’s eyes welled up with tears and he turned away from his father.
    The words confirmed what he had already known. There was an emptiness inside his chest, a hole that hadn’t been there before.
    As the full impact sunk in, silent tears slid down Oliver’s face. He tried to hide it from Mr. Elliot, but it was no use.
    Miranda was dead, and it was his fault.
    Randi was dead.
    His Randi.
    Gone. Forever.
    Author's Note: This is the last chapter to this story. It's over. ):
    I know it's not the ending you expected, but what do you think?
    There is going to be an epligue. Anyone who comments on this quote will get a notification for it. (: Thanks!

  5. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    August 7, 2012 11:15am UTC
    Forget Me Not
    “I was always a skeptic on that kind of stuff,” Oliver admitted, and Randi’s heart sank. Oliver turned to face her. “But the first time I saw you, any doubt I ever had was gone,” he continued earnestly, taking both hands within his own. Randi’s fingers tingled, and the feeling went all the way up her arms until it faded away near her elbows. “I saw you, and I knew right away that you were the one for me,” Oliver watched her face closely for her reaction as he continued his confession, hoping to see that her emotions mirrored his. “And maybe it’s crazy, I don’t know. I know we’re young, and I know we just met, but… Miranda, I’m in love with you,” he finished.
    The words were the sweetest Randi had ever heard. Although she hated being called Miranda, the name coming off of Oliver’s lips sounded more wonderful than anything she had ever heard. Somehow she knew that just by using her full name instead of Randi, he instantly made those words mean even more. They became even more personal than they already were – and that meant everything to Randi. Tears filled her eyes – happy tears – as she tried to think of some response, but how do you come back to that? How do you answer someone who just told you the sweetest thing you have ever heard, and probably will ever hear?
    Randi did what came naturally. She took Oliver’s face firmly between her hands, leaned forward and planted a firm kiss on his flawless lips.
    “I’m in love with you, too,” she whispered without thinking. The words just flowed out of her mouth, surprising both of them. Oliver wrapped his strong arms around her tightly. Randi let herself cling to him, and she felt the full impact of both of their words.
    Every word Oliver had said matched how Randi felt almost exactly. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was that the feeling was mutual. She breathed him in, the already familiar scent of his cologne, wishing she never had to let him go. Oliver felt as if he were in heaven.
    Since they still had some extra time, Oliver asked to take Randi one last place. Randi agreed, naturally.
    “It’s a surprise, though,” Oliver added as he got in the car. “You have to close your eyes.”
    “Really?” Randi said, skeptically, looking at him with eyes brows raised. He raised his eyebrows back, and gave her a firm “I’m-not-backing-down” look. “Fine,” Randi laughed and with a dramatic sigh, closed her eyes.
    Once Oliver was positive she wouldn’t peak, he put the car into drive and pulled out. Within minutes they reached their destination.
    “Now,” Oliver put the car into park. “You can’t look yet. Okay?”
    “Alright,” Randi smiled and would’ve rolled her eyes. Oliver turned the car off. “Now?” she teased.
    “No!” Oliver got out. Randi frowned when his door closed, but just moments later, Oliver opened her door. “Okay, here,” Oliver took her hand.
    “Where are you taking me?” Randi asked as she blindly let Oliver lead her. He walked slowly and warned her of ever bump or step in her path.
    “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you,” Oliver grinned, and Randi heard it in her voice. She attempted to playfully hit him, but missed. He laughed. “Okay,” he murmured. “You can open your eyes.”
    When Randi did, she laughed. They were in the exact spot where there first kiss had taken place.
    “I can’t believe you,” she smiled.
    “I have something for you,” Oliver said before her last word was even out of her mouth. Randi took in a breath of surprise.
    “You didn’t have to –“
    “I wanted to,” Oliver said as he pulled out a white rectangular jewelry box with a blue ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow on top. He handed it to her, but she looked up at him nervously.
    “You’ve already done so mu –“"
    Shut up and open it,” Oliver ordered with a grin. Randi smiled, and obligingly pulled the ribbon off.
    Author's Note: Here's chapter 9. Opinions? (:
    *Don't forget to comment if you'd like to be notified for chapter 10*

  6. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    August 6, 2012 9:16pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    When Randi opened the door to Oliver the next night, she was surprised to see a beautiful bouquet of assorted flowers, all in different shades of blue – Randi’s favorite color. She couldn’t believe Oliver had remembered.
    “Happy birthday,” he smiled. He stepped into the door way and hugged her sideways around the waist and kissed her cheek as she took the flowers from him.
    “Thank you,” she murmured, playing with the flowers. She went into the kitchen to get a vase, and Oliver trailed behind, looking around. The house was just as elaborate as his own, but it was a lot brighter.
    “These are my favorite flowers, you know,” Randi said, fingering a delicate blue flower as she put them in the vase filled with water.
    “What are they?” Oliver frowned, wanting to remember that as well.
    "Forget-me-nots,” Randi smiled, and she sniffed the flowers. “Mmm,” she smiled at him.
    “Well, those are beautiful,” Suzanne said, walking into the room. “Hello, Oliver,” she smiled when she saw him. “Are these from you?” she asked, touching one of the daisies.
    “Yes, ma’am,” Oliver replied and winked at Randi when Suzanne wasn’t looking. Randi hid a smirk.
    “That was sweet. Do you two mind if I get a quick picture before you leave?” Suzanne asked, and headed to her bedroom to get the camera without waiting for an answer.
    “Oh boy,” Randi rolled her eyes and walked over to Oliver, who smiled down at her.
    “Don’t worry, babe. It won’t take long,” he leaned down and gave her a quick peck. Randi quickly looked down as she felt her cheeks redden slightly. Oliver laughed at her – she was so darn cute, and she wasn’t even trying.
    Within moments, Suzanne was back. A ‘quick picture’ turned into posing for almost ten minutes. Finally, Oliver said they were going to be late for their reservations, a polite way of getting out of the house.
    He took Randi’s coat from her when she got it from the coat closest and helped her into it before they went outside to his car.
    “Sorry ‘bout that,” Randi said, referring to all the pictures.
    “Don’t worry about it,” Oliver smiled. He hadn’t really minded. His own father had barely even asked where he was going. He’d cared less about who Oliver was taking with him. He was busy working.
    Oliver opened the car for Randi, and she smiled. She wondered if he was being a gentleman for the date, or if it was simply his personality. She was thinking the latter – how could she think anything less?
    She slid into the front seat of the recently cleaned car and Oliver closed the door behind her.
    The drive took about fifteen minutes across town, to the nicest restaurant Oliver had been able to find. They talked comfortably during the drive, and Oliver took her hand as they walked inside.
    The lighting was low, but not too low. The decorations were simple but elegant, and the food was delicious.
    Randi had to force herself to ignore the prices when she ordered, and she had to work so she didn’t feel guilty when Oliver paid the bill. She had to remind herself that Oliver’s family, as well as her own, was rich. It was a strange concept to her.
    After they ate, Oliver took her back to the lake the day they first met. They went back to the exact same picnic table, and they sat and talked, hand in hand.
    After a lull in the conversation, Randi asked, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” before she could lose her nerve. There was a brief pause, and Randi bit her lip, wishing she knew what was going through Oliver’s mind. She wondered if she should’ve kept her mouth shut. Probably. You always say the wrong things, Randi accused herself. But then, Oliver took in a breath to answer.
    Author's Note: Thanks for the get well wishes everyone! I did finally. (:
    Sorry I took so long again. I'll try not to do that so much anymore. ):
    *Don't forget to comment if you'd like to be notified for chapter 9*

  7. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2012 2:10pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    The next few days passed painfully slow for both Oliver and Randi. Between school and Oliver’s busy schedule (on the other hand, Randi had nothing to do, being grounded), they barely got to talk. They didn’t see each other at all either.
    On Randi’s birthday, Suzanne agreed to let her go out with Katie and a couple other friends only after talking to Katie’s mom and lecturing Randi about lying and sneaking off. Randi tried not to roll her eyes. Suzanne was trying to protect Randi from making the same mistakes as she did and from losing her childhood, but Randi felt more like she was being smothered than protected.
    As much as she wanted to, Randi didn’t go to see Oliver. She followed Suzanne’s rules and was even back early. She decided to get on her mom’s good side so when she wasn’t grounded anymore, she could go out with Oliver, who already had some big surprise planned for her.
    It was a Saturday the day that Randi’s house arrest before. The night before, she went to talk to Suzanne who was in her office, grading essays.
    “Can I go out tomorrow night?” Randi asked, apprehensively. She knew she was pushing it asking to go out so soon after she got out of trouble. She just hoped her good attitude recently was enough to give Suzanne reason to agree.
    “Tomorrow?” Suzanne looked at Randi over her reading glasses and the wooden desk, red pen poised in the air over her stack of papers. “You’re barely ungrounded.”
    Randi bit her lip. “I know,” she said softly, staring at the ground. Suzanne sighed and sat back, dropping the pen on the desk and setting the glasses next to it.
    “With who?”
    “Oliver,” Randi said, looking straight in Suzanne’s brown eyes – it was one of the few things the two actually had in common. As much as Suzanne scared Randi, she refused to be ashamed of Oliver, or even to appear ashamed of him.
    Suzanne raised her perfectly-waxed eyebrows in surprise. “Elliot?”
    “He’s planning on picking me up at seven,” Randi said, pluckily. Either Suzanne would admire her courage or be annoyed they’d made plans without asking permission first. Randi was hoping – praying, even – that it would be the former.
    Whatever Suzanne was, Randi could see on her face surprise. Randi had always been submissive, trying to be the best daughter she could be, the perfect daughter. Although Suzanne had always appreciated it, she admired this new attitude that she saw in her daughter. It reminded Suzanne a little bit of herself when she was that age.
    After studying Randi for a moment, Suzanne sighed and sat forward, picking up the pen once again, playing with it.
    “Is that who you were with at the mall?” Suzanne asked, looking up at the end of the question.
    “Yeah,” Randi said, not bothering to lie. She’d already paid the penalty for that deception, so now there was only something to be gained from her honesty.
    “He’s a nice boy,” Suzanne said, thoughtfully. She liked him enough and knew him to be respectable. She sighed. “Alright. You can go.”
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    The next day as she was getting ready, Randi took a leap of faith and asked for Suzanne’s opinion on an outfit. She put her foot down, however, and refused to wear a dress, a skirt, or any type of heel.
    Then Suzanne did Randi’s hair so it fell in long waves down her back. By the time Oliver rang the doorbell, Randi felt closer to her mother than she had in years.
    Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but I've had a fever since Sunday.
    I wrote this while I was sick, so if it's not the best I've written, I'm sorry. ):
    *Don't forget to comment if you'd like to be notified for chapter 8*

  8. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2012 9:42am UTC
    Forget Me Not
    “I can’t believe I just met you yesterday,” he said, staring into her beautiful brown eyes.
    “I know,” Randi whispered. She bit her lip when she saw Oliver look down at her mouth and wondered if he was going to kiss her again. She leaned towards him inadvertently in anticipation.
    Downstairs, the sound of the front door opening and then slamming closed again made them both jump.
    “Crap,” Oliver jumped up and went to the door leading to the balcony and looked out at the driveway.
    “My dad’s back,” he told Randi. She frowned, scared they were going to get caught.
    “Don’t worry,” Oliver took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. “He’ll go in his office soon, and we’ll be able to leave without him even knowing we were ever here,” he assured her.
    “Okay,” Randi smiled unsurely, hoping that Oliver knew what he was talking about.
    Fortunately, he did. Within ten minutes, they heard Mr. Elliot close the door to his office. They went downstairs together, and Oliver sent her to go get in his car while he made an excuse to his father about why he was leaving.
    Within a few minutes of getting in the car, Oliver came back out, looking completely at ease, with his keys in his hands. They pulled out, and Oliver dropped her off at her house; Mr. Elliot never had a clue.
    However, Suzanne was much more suspicious. Randi realized that she was supposed to be home a couple hours ago when she walked inside and saw the clock on the stove.
    When she went into the living room to go to her room, Suzanne was sitting on the couch, legs crossed and hands folded in her lap, waiting for her. Randi could tell from the way her mom held herself that she was angry. She stopped and waited for her to say something.
    “Who were you with?” Suzanne asked, suspiciously.
    “Some friends,” Randi lied, clumsily.
    “What friends?”
    “Katie and –“
    “Really? Because I ran into Katie at the store today. She was grabbing some things for a family dinner they had tonight,” Suzanne said, knowing she had caught Randi.
    “Well, yeah, Katie had to leave early,” Randi fumbled with her words.
    “Who were you with?” Suzanne said, enunciating her words carefully and slowly. “It was a boy, wasn’t it?”
    “Mom –“
    “You know you’re not allowed to date until you’re sixteen,” Suzanne interrupted, unwilling to listen to Randi’s excuses.
    “I’ll be sixteen in a week and a half!” Randi protested, knowing that there was no way her mom would believe any excuse she came up with now.
    “A rule is a rule. You’re grounded. Two weeks. You’re not going anywhere except to school, and you will not be seeing anyone.”
    “But –“
    “And if you complain, I’m taking your phone, too. You should be happy you got off so easy,” Suzanne stood from the couch and walked from the room, her heels clicking against the tile when she reached the kitchen.
    Randi angrily stomped to her room and slammed the door. She texted Oliver immediately and told him what had happened..
    Author's Note: So question: How did all of you start reading my story?(:
    *Don't forget to comment if you'd like to be notified for chapter 7*

  9. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2012 4:22pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    After throwing away the empty ice cream container at the park, Oliver said, “I’ll race you to the swings,” with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
    “It’s on,” Randi said, and broke into a run, faster than Oliver expected. He caught up with her easily however, but he didn’t pass her, letting her win.
    She laughed as she sat on a swing in victory, although she was almost positive that Oliver could have beaten her with barely any effort. Oliver smiled and pushed her on the swing. After a little bit, he sat on the swing next to her, and they raced to see who could go the highest. Having already let her win once, Oliver decided it would be okay to be the victor this time.
    “Not fair!” Randi laughed when he surpassed her. “Your legs are longer!”
    “So?” he laughed, and jumped off the swing, landing perfectly on both feet without an effort.
    Randi smiled and tried not to stare at him.
    “Jump!” Oliver encouraged her. Randi shook her head.
    “It’s scary,” she protested.
    “I’m right here,” Oliver moved in front of her swing. “I won’t let you fall,” he promised.
    It took a little more persuasion from Oliver that she would be fine, but she finally agreed to jump.
    “One,” Oliver began. Randi let go of the swing. “Two,” he continued. She prepared herself to jump. “Three!”
    Randi jumped, and stumbled straight into Oliver’s arms, just like he’d promised. Oliver hadn’t expected the force that she fell into him with, though, and he lost his balance. He took a few short steps backwards in an attempt to regain his footing, but it didn’t help. He fell straight on his butt, with Randi on top of him. He put out one hand out on the ground to stead himself and kept the other around Randi to make sure she didn’t fall any farther.
    “I’m sorry!” Randi exclaimed, attempting to scramble up, but Oliver’s laugh made her hesitate. It only took him a moment to reclaim his balance, and when he did, he put his other arm around Randi’s waist as well, not wanting her to move away.
    “Don’t worry about it,” he smiled. Randi looked down at him shyly and smiled back.
    Oliver put his hand on her cheek and Randi thought her heart would slam out of her chest. He leaned forward and then paused. Randi felt more nervous than she knew was possible. The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy. Her eyes slid to Oliver’s lips unintentionally, giving Oliver courage.
    He leaned forward, closing the gap between them, and kissed her, a gentle brush of the lips.
    Oliver heard Randi’s sharp intake of breath when he pulled back. He took it as a good sign and kissed her again, this time for longer.
    Her lips were soft and smooth against his own, and Oliver wanted to know what they tasted like. His arms tightened around her, almost naturally.
    “Oliver,” Randi laughed nervously when they pulled apart. “We’re in the park!” she said in a hushed voice.
    Oliver laughed. “Sorry,” he leaned his forehead against hers. “Do you want to leave?”
    Randi shrugged. “Where would we go?”
    “There’s no one at my house,” Oliver suggested, and then swore inwardly. Why would he say that? It sounded like he only wanted to get in her pants – which wasn’t even close to the truth.
    That thought never crossed Randi’s mind when she agreed, hesitating only for a brief moment before answering. They linked hands and headed to Oliver’s car.
    When they got back to his house, they went upstairs to the only room Oliver hadn’t shown her the night before – his own. He put on a movie, and they laid in bed as they watched it.
    Oliver had already seen the movie, and he found that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Randi. Curled up next to him, focused on the TV, Oliver didn’t think he’d ever find someone who made him feel this way, especially since he’d barely even known her for one full day.
    Randi tried to pay attention to the movie, but she couldn’t. Oliver was laying on his back with his arm draped around her shoulders, and she was half on her side and half on her back, laying as close to him as she dared. He kept running his hand up and down her arm, making her glance at him out of the corner of her eyes every time.
    Finally, she turned completely onto her side towards him, giving up on the movie.
    Author's Note: So what do you think of their first kiss? (: It was fun to write. Hope you liked it.
    *Don't forget to comment if you'd like to be notified for chapter 6*

  10. 1live2love9laugh6 1live2love9laugh6
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2012 5:56pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    Oliver came back promptly with Suzanne’s and Randi’s coats draped elegantly over his arm. Randi smiled as he handed her the coat, and Oliver smiled back.
    “Have a safe drive home,” he said courteously to Suzanne and John. “It was nice meeting you, Randi,” he turned to her, and he shook her hand. Not only would his politeness impress Mr. Elliot, but it gave Oliver a good excuse to touch Randi again. None of the adults noticed that their hands lingered a little longer than necessary.
    Randi slid her coat on, and followed John and Suzanne out, fighting the urge to look back at Oliver one last time. She walked out the door, feeling blissfully happy.
    It was even cooler outside now than it had been before. Randi slid her hands into her coat pockets, and her fingers brushed a piece of paper. She frowned. She knew there hadn’t been anything in her pocket when they had left. She pulled it out and glanced back at the house.
    Randi glanced at the paper. It was folded perfectly in half, and was unmarked on the outside. She got in the car and unfolded it, reading it with the dim light that her phone gave off.
    You never answered my question. – Oliver
    Underneath that, a phone number was scrawled. Randi smiled and quickly pulled out her phone and sent the number one simple text that changed her life forever:
    Yes. – Randi
    The next morning, Randi woke up to a text from Oliver.
    Hey beautiful. :)
    She smiled and texted him back. Just moments later, Oliver called her.
    “Hello?” Randi answered.
    “Hey. You didn’t get in trouble last night, did you?” he asked, apprehensively.
    “Not really,” Randi smiled at the concern in his voice, and got out of bed. “Just a lecture,” she added to give a better explanation as she walked out onto the patio that was right off of her bedroom.
    She sat at one of the patio chairs while Oliver answered, “Good. So you can meet me at the mall at noon?”
    “Sure,” Randi smiled, excited to see him again. “I’ll text you after I talk to my mom about it.”
    Although Randi had to lie about who she was going with and sit through another lecture, Suzanne finally agreed to let her go. By the time Suzanne was finished, Randi had less than an hour to get ready.
    After showering quickly, Randi pulled on a pair of jeans and a brown baby-doll top.
    Once she was ready, Suzanne drove her to the mall and dropped her off. Randi entered through the food court, and searched through the throng of people for Oliver.
    When she didn’t find him right away, Randi feared that he’d ditched her, but then she saw him standing by a vending machine against the far wall. Their eyes met at the exact same time, and a huge grin stretched across his face. He waved, and Randi started towards him while he waited where he was.
    “Hey,” he smiled, and stepped forward to hug her. He hesitated for a millisecond when he realized he didn’t know how she would react, but Randi stepped forward, completing the hug for him. He smiled and squeezed her tight. Even over the aromas of all the different types of food, from hamburgers and pizza to Chinese, he could still smell the sweet scent of Randi’s shampoo.
    They walked around the mall for awhile and stopped at a few stores here and there just to look, but neither of them bought anything.
    “Do you want to go somewhere else?” Oliver asked. “I’m getting kind of bored.”
    “Sounds good,” Randi smiled, who had just been thinking the same thing.
    On their way out, they passed the food court, and Oliver bought Randi an ice cream. Insisting that it was the most amazing ice cream she’d ever had, she made Oliver try it. She shared the remainder of it with him on their way to the park, feeding him bites in between laughing and eating some herself while he drove.
    Author's Note: I was going to put this up last night, but I couldn't find the notebook I had it written in. Sorry. ):
    Thanks for all the support. It means a lot. You're all amazing. ♥

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    July 24, 2012 8:29pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    “I bet you weren’t allowed to sneak off with me tonight either,” Oliver teased, flirtily. Randi’s blush intensified, and she laughed timidly.
    “What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked with a knot in her stomach.
    “Nah,” Oliver said, and he slid down onto the seat next to Randi. He stared off towards the water as he said, “I don’t really date much.”
    “Why not?” Randi asked. Between his good looks, money, and what so far seemed like an amazing personality, she was sure he could get any girl he wanted.
    “I guess there’s just no one that I’m really interested in,” he said, looking her directly in the eyes. She looked down, suddenly aware of how close his moving to the bench had made him. “Well,” he smiled, and looked back out into the water, giving Randi the courage to look back up at him. “There is one girl.” His fingers casually brushed Randi’s where they sat on the bench between them. Randi’s heart pounded, and she felt a strange, electric feeling where their skin had met.
    That was an accident, she told herself. He didn’t mean to touch you. He’s not talking about you.
    “But I just met her,” Oliver continued, and Randi focused on his voice so she didn’t become lost in her thoughts, debating with herself whether or not he was feeling the same attraction towards her that she felt towards him. His fingers once again grazed hers, this time for a bit longer. Randi didn’t think it could be an accident this time – not twice in a row.
    “You might be surprised,” Randi told him, nervously. He looked over at her and smiled. This time when his hand brushed hers, Randi found the courage to flip her hand over, and their fingers interlocked. Oliver swallowed. It was the only sign that showed how nervous he really was, but Randi was too distracted by the way his hand felt to catch it.
    “I thought you weren’t allowed,” he teased, looking down at her, amazed at how animate her light brown eyes were.
    “What my mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Randi said with more boldness than she knew she had. Her attitude both surprised him and made him smile.
    “Does that mean you’ll be my girlfriend?” Oliver said quickly, before he lost his nerve. Randi took in a sharp breath of surprise.
    “I –“ she began, but then her phone went off before she could finish. Blushing furiously, she turned away from Oliver and pulled her phone out of her bra. Oliver smiled, slightly amused at her embarrassment.
    “Shoot,” Randi muttered under her breath when she saw that it was her mom. “Hello?” she answered the call, hoping to sound natural.
    “Hi honey,” Suzanne said sweetly, an automatic sign that she was still at the party. She wouldn’t want to attract unwanted attention to the fact that her daughter was missing. Randi relaxed a little, knowing she hadn’t been caught for sure yet. If she had been, Randi was sure her mom would have found an excuse to leave the party already. “I was just wondering where you are. I have someone I want to introduce you to.”
    “I just stepped outside for a second,” Randi said, wondering if her words sounded as phony to Suzanne as they did to her. She stood up and started walking towards the car, pulling Oliver along behind her. “It was getting a little stuffy. I’ll be back inside in a couple minutes.”
    As soon as Randi was off the phone, both she and Oliver broke into a run towards the car. They were both laughing when they got into the car. Oliver pulled out, tires squealing, and sped the entire drive back. Their speed both scared and exhilarated Randi.
    By some miracle, they pulled in the driveway and got back inside without being caught by either of their parents – or anyone else, for that matter.
    Suzanne smiled when she saw Randi. Randi smiled back politely and walked over to meet another of Suzanne’s colleague. Oliver caught her eye from across the room and winked. She smiled and looked away quickly.
    After listening to Suzanne and John small talk for a while, smiling and laughing when necessary, Suzanne announced that she was ready to leave, saying something about having to get up early in the morning – which Randi knew was a complete lie. She cringed inside, knowing that behind her mom’s smiling facade, she was angry at Randi for ruining the image of the “perfect daughter”.
    The three of them found Mr. Elliot to let him know they were leaving, and Oliver jumped in right away to offer to get their coats. Randi smiled a little, and when Oliver passed her on his way to get the coats, he wiggled his eyebrows. Randi bit back a laugh and turned back to Mr. Elliot who was being smothered with compliments from Suzanne. Randi fought back the urge to roll her eyes.
    at the same time.
    Author's Note:Thanks for reading! All of your feedback means so much to me.
    I love you all!
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    July 21, 2012 8:41pm UTC
    Forget Me Not
    Oliver and Randi sneaked down the staircase they’d gone up and slipped out the back door.
    “I can’t see!” Randi said in a loud whisper as she attempted to follow Oliver around the obstacles in his backyard. The wet grass was hard to maneuver on in her heels, and she lost her footing. She slipped forward towards Oliver just as he turned around to help her navigate the yard.
    “Whoa!” he said in surprise as she fell into his arms. As he helped her back to her feet, he could just barely smell her strawberry shampoo. She laughed nervously. His body had been warm and hard against hers for that brief moment, and she was finding it hard to breathe because he was standing so close.
    “You okay?” Oliver asked, still holding onto her arms, just above the elbows, worried she might slip again. He almost hoped she would so that he could be that close to her again.
    “I’m fine,” Randi said, shakily, but it wasn’t from almost falling. She looked up at Oliver, who smiled back down at her. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.
    “C’mon,” he said, turning from her. One hand slid down to interlock fingers with her to guide her – or at least that’s what his excuse was. In reality, he just hadn’t been ready to let go of her. He was amazed at how incredible her hand felt in his.
    After the slip, Randi walked more cautiously and fortunately didn’t have any more mishaps before they got to the car. The sound of the car starting sounded thunderous to Randi’s ears, and the crunch of the gravel underneath the tires made her flinch. Oliver, who had done this hundreds of times before, barely even noticed the noises.
    Randi sighed in relief when they finally made it out of the driveway without getting caught. Oliver, who had heard her exhale, looked over at her and a faint smile touched his lips.
    To compensate for the silence in the vehicle, Oliver reached over and turned up the music, loud enough that it wouldn’t be awkward for them to remain in silence, yet quiet enough for them to have a conversation if one was started.
    Randi was grateful. At the house, it wasn’t hard to think of something to say. She just had to hold a simple, polite conversation with Oliver, which was something Suzanne had trained her to do very well – after all, she couldn’t risk Randi embarrassing her at a social gathering such as the one they just left. Now, though, Randi was free to say whatever she wanted to him, to have a normal, teenage conversation with him.
    The only problem was that she didn’t have normal, teenage conversations with guys she was attracted to. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she had talked to a guy that she had even considered cute. It just wasn’t one of her talents.
    Fortunately, the drive to the lake was short, and one of Randi’s favorite songs was on. Oliver smiled as he heard her singing along quietly. Her voice was as pretty as she was.
    When they got out of the car, Oliver saw that Randi had left her shoes in the car and smirked. He really couldn’t blame her – those blisters had looked bad. He wondered why she wore the shoes if they hurt her feet so much, but he decided it was a question for another day.
    They walked out to a picnic table that was sitting in the grass above the sandy beach. Oliver sat on the table itself, while Randi sat on the bench to his left in front of him.
    The air was cool, and her short, strapless dress didn’t provide much heat, but Randi didn’t mind. As the two talked, she actually found herself forgetting about it.
    As Oliver asked Randi some questions about herself, his curiosity was piqued. He asked about her birthday, her age, her favorite color… After a few minutes, he finally got the courage to ask the one question that had been troubling him since he first laid eyes on her.
    “Do you have a boyfriend?”
    “No,” Randi replied, bashfully, her cheeks reddening a little. “I’m not allowed to date,” she added in explanation.
    Oliver’s heart both sunk and soared at the same time.
    Author's Note: Okay, guys, I changed the font up a bit because I was getting a lot of comments saying that it was hard to read the way it was before. Can you let me know if it's easier to read this way? Thanks so much!
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    Forget Me Not 1
    "You aren't really planning on wearing that, are you?" Suzanne looked down at her daughter snidely. Miranda, or Randi, as she preferred, looked down at her jeans and nice shirt, and then back at her mom. "Yeah," she said. She had thought she looked nice. "Where's the new dress I bought you?" Suzanne ignored the comment and went to Randi's room. "Why can't I stay home?" Randi asked as she followed her mother to her closet. "Miranda," Suzanne snapped, and pushed some clothes out of the way. "You were specifically invited to go this everning. It would be rude of you to stay home." Suzanne handed her the dress and left the room. Randi sighed and yanked off her shirt. Suzanne and Randi's stepdad, John, were both professors at the local college, and there was a fancy dinner at the headmaster's home. Randi was being forced to go. She pulled on the strapless dress. It was black lace down to her waist where the skirt flared out and was purple underneath the black tulle. She did her hair and makeup to her mother's high standards and then grabbed the new black high heels Suzanne had picked out to go with this dress. Randi hated high heels. "Your mother's waiting in the car," John said politely to Randi as he put his shoes on. Randi nodded curtly.John and Randi were both civil to each other but spoke as little as possible. It was strange for both of them that John was young enough to be randi's brother, but that was partially because Suzanne had gotten pregnant at fourteen.Randi pulled on her coat and walked to the garage barefoot, carrying the heels in her hand. Suzanne gave her a disapproving look, but she made no comment when Randi got in the backseat.When they walked inside, Randi didn't see anyone her own age. She groaned inwardly. It was going to be a long night.Introductions began, and Randi forced a smile, knowing she'd never remember all of the names."I wish I knew where my son was," the headmaster, Mr. Elliot said after Suzanne introduced her and Randi. "Oh - there he is!" Mr. Elliot signaled towards someone Randi couldn't see. "Miranda, this is my son, Oliver," Mr. Elliot introduced.Oliver was tall , with tan skin and brown hair. He smiled at Randi, and she caught her breath."It's nice to meet you, Miranda," Oliver said politely, they shook hands. Where their skin touched, Randi's hand tingled. They had a polite conversation, talking about their different schools and college plans. It was the kind of conversation Suzanne would expect her to have, but someting about Oliver actually made it interesting. Maybe it was his smile, or the sound of his voice, or even his sense of humor, but Randi found that she was actually enjoying herself.Then Oliver offered Randi a tour of the house. Even though Randi's feet were killing her from the heels, but Randi agreed, partially out of politeness, mostly because it was a reason to get away from most of the people. The fact that it gave her a chance to spend more time with Oliver helped, as well.After showing her around the first floor, Oliver said, "So I'm not really supposed to, but do you want me to show you around upstairs?" Oliver asked, a little nervous. He didn't really know why he was offering, but he knew Randi was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever seen. There was something about her that made her different from the girls he knew, and it intrigued him."Sure," Randi agreed - there would be even less people upstairs.They used a back staircase to go upstairs so Mr. Elliot wouldn't see them. Randi was a little nervous, even though she knew it was stupid. She never broke rules, even though technically Oliver was the one breaking them right now. Breaking the rules wasn't the only thing she was nervous about, because now she was alone in a room with a very cute guy she had just met, who she was also strangely attracted to. She never knew how to act around guys.Oliver showed her around a little bit, ending with a blacony off of the library."Can I tell you something?" Oliver asked."Sure," Randi sat on one of the patio chairs, wondering what he wanted to tell her."I hate these things," he said with a little smirk that Randi thought looked quite well on him."Me too," Randi rolled her eyes and pulled of her shoes."Ouch," Oliver sympathized, seeing her blisters. One was bleeding. "Do you want a bandaid or something?" he offered, disappearing before she could answer. He came back a minute or so later with a few bandaids. Randi accepted them gratefully ."Hey, I've got an idea," Oliver said, mischeivously, as Randi put the bandaids on her feet."What?" she asked, hesitantly."Let's leave," he suggested."What?" Randi laughed, nervously."Well, neighter of us want to be here, right? No one will ever know we're gone," Oliver explained."And where exactly do you suggest we go?" Randi asked, starting to like the plan."I don't know," Oliver shrugged. "The lake?" Randi thought for a moment, undecided."Okay," she laughed. "But if we get caught, I'm blaming you." Author's Note: Hey everyone. (: Here's my new story. I hope you all like it.I know in the past that I've tried to notify anyone who faves my story, but now I'm only going to be notifying people who comment on it. Sorry about that, but I just won't have enough time to notify everyone. It's very time consuming.Thanks for reading, guys. You're all amazing, and I love you all very much. ♥ Have a great day. (:

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    Our Summer
    Chapter 55 After we talked for a little bit, Brayden left me alone so I could finish packing. Once I was done, all of us headed out to a restaurant downtown for an early supper as a sort of going-away party – another family tradition. The supper took up the rest of the evening. It was sunset by the time we got back to the house. “Do you want to go for a walk?” Lucas asked me, sounding uncertain. “Sure,” I smiled, and we headed out the back door. To my surprise, he didn’t take my hand as we began to walk down the beach. He didn’t say anything for awhile, either. “I don’t want you to leave,” he finally said, breaking the silence between us. “I don’t either,” I sighed. There was another silence, and I didn’t know what to say to break it. “Did you have a good time?” Lucas asked and finally took my hand. “It was amazing,” I squeezed his hand. He smiled, just a little. “I’m never going to forget it,” I whispered, tears filling my eyes. Lucas stopped and turned to face me. “I’m never going to forget you,” he said. I blushed and looked down, but he caught my face and turned it back up towards him. “Lucas,” I began, but his finger on my lips silenced me. “No matter what happens after this, don’t forget me, okay? Forget all the bad stuff that has happened the past couple of weeks, and remember this – remember us. No matter what, okay? This will always be our summer.” Lucas’ voice had a certain urgency to it – almost desperation. Tears filled my eyes as he spoke. “I won’t,” I promised. As I did, he took my face between both of his hands. The fireworks that lit up my world when our lips met were more vibrant and magical than any I’d even seen. Even the one’s we’d watched together at the fair last week were no match. We left early the next morning, after another round of hugs from everyone. This time, the drive was silent, as both Jamie and I had other things on our minds. Over and over I played back the memories I’d made this summer, and I wondered if Lucas and I would ever make anymore. The end. AN: Hey everyone. (: So that's it... I know it's probably not the ending you guys wanted, but I think I am going to write a sequel. It probably won't be the next story I post however, because I already have a different story started that I plan on posting first. Anyways, thanks so much for reading. (: It means a lot. Have a great day, all of you! ♥

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    Our Summer
    Chapter 54
    The next morning when I saw Brayden at lunch, he refused to even acknowledge my presence. I tried to ignore him as best I could and talked to Lucas.
    When we finished eating, Jamie asked what was up with Brayden, and I shrugged and told her I didn’t know. It felt weird telling her that I was in a sort of love triangle with her two cousins.
    I’m not sure if she believed it or not, but Alex showed up, and she disappeared for the rest of the day.
    I spent the day with Lucas, as usual. The only difference was that Brayden completely avoided us.
    The next few days flew by, and Brayden still refused to talk to me. All too soon it was Friday, our last day in California.
    The morning passed as usual. In the afternoon, as I was packing up my bags, someone knocked on my door.
    “Come in,” I called. My door opened slowly, and Brayden entered. He closed the door behind him. “Hey,” I smiled as if this wasn’t the weirdest thing that has happened this entire trip.
    “Hey. Can we talk sometime before you leave?” he asked, unsurely.
    “Sure,” I crossed over to him. “What do you want to talk about?” I asked, casually.
    “I want to apologize for being such a jerk recently, first of all,” he said.
    “It’s okay,” I told him.
    “I also wanted to apologize for what I said about you and Lucas the other night.”
    I bit my lip. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let that one go yet. Fortunately, he kept talking.
    “I was jealous, and I shouldn’t have said it. I think that you two will be great together.”
    “Thanks,” I told him, genuinely. It really meant a lot to me that he had said that.
    “And I was wondering,” he pushed on. “Can we be friends?” he sounded hopeful.
    “Yes,” I smiled. “We can be friends.”
    AN: Hey, everyone! Here's the next chapter. (: I hope you like it. Only one more chapter! Also, one of my readers, kayleekrusader, just started a new story. You should go check it out! Thanks for reading. (: Have a great day. ♥

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    Our Summer
    Chapter 53
    It was almost one o’clock before Brayden came stumbling up the porch steps, obviously drunk.
    “Lucas?” he said, confused.
    “Where the hell have you been?” Lucas jumped up. “Mom was worried sick!”
    “Get out of my way,” Brayden tried to push past Lucas toward the house. Lucas didn’t budge. I stood, not sure what I was going to do.
    “This is the last time I’m covering for you,” Lucas threatened.
    “I never asked you to,” Brayden slurred.
    “Lucas,” I said quietly and stepped in. Brayden looked at me surprise.
    “Natalie? Why are you out here?” he asked. I didn’t answer him.
    “Go tell your mom he’s home. I’m going to take him to his room,” I told Lucas. Grudgingly, he did as I asked.
    “C’mon Brayden,” I said. “Let’s go upstairs,” I followed behind, scared he would just topple backwards.
    “Careful,” I said, grabbing his arm to steady him when he tripped on a rug in the hallway.
    “I don’t want your help,” he shook me off. I gritted my teeth.
    When he got to his room, he yanked off his shirt and fell down on his bed.
    “You going to sleep?” I asked, just to be sure.
    “Leave me alone,” he mumbled, his eyes closed. I shook my head and left the room, closing the door behind me just as Lucas came up the stairs.
    “Did you tell her?” I asked. Lucas nodded. “Thanks,” I smiled as I wondered what Brayden had ever done to deserve all of my help. He hadn’t even been grateful for it.
    AN: Only two more chapters left, everyone. (: Thanks for sticking with me and for all of the support. I love you more than I love ice cream! Well... actually... it depends on what kind of ice cream... Haha, jk. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked the chapter. Have a great day. ♥

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    Our Summer
    Chapter 52
    The next morning, Lucas woke me up way too early, as usual. Our routine fell back into place and we headed out for a morning swim.
    After our swim, Lucas took me down to the fair one last time. He paid for me to try to win a goldfish, but I didn’t come close to making any of the ping-pong balls into the fish bowls.
    He spent almost $20 on a basket game, and finally won me an adorable stuffed panda bear. I couldn’t believe it.
    When it started getting late, we walked happily back toward the house.
    “Did you see Brayden while you were out?” Kris asked when we got inside.
    “No,” Lucas said, biting into a brownie. I couldn’t believe he was eating more food.
    “He said he was going down to the fair,” she frowned, worried.
    “Calm down,” Lucas told her. “Curfew’s not ‘till 11:30. He’s probably with his friends,” he gave his mom a hug.
    “Oh, I know,” she shrugged. “Are you two going to bed?”
    “Not sure,” Lucas took another brownie.
    “Stay out of those now,” Kris scolded, covering them up. Lucas rolled his eyes.
    “Alright, mom. C’mon,” he said to me. “Let’s go sit on the porch.”
    We headed out side and sat down to watch the stars. It was a clear night, and we could see hundreds.
    “Maybe you should call Brayden or something,” I suggested after a little bit.
    “Why?” Lucas asked.
    “I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Your mom seemed worried.”
    “He’ll be back before too long,” Lucas said confidently, dropped his arm over the back of my chair.
    Brayden didn’t come back, though. At quarter to twelve, Kris came out and asked about him.
    “He just called me,” Lucas lied. “He’s with some friends, and they lost track of time.”
    “Alright,” Kris seemed relieved. “Tell him to come wake me up when he gets home,” she gave Lucas a goodnight kiss on the forehead and went back inside. Lucas pulled out his phone and dialed Brayden’s number. No answer. He slammed the phone down on the table angrily.
    “He’ll be back soon,” I assured Lucas gently, rubbing his arm. I hoped that I was right.
    AN:Hey everyone, here's your next chapter. Thanks for the wonderful feedback, and thank you for reading! You're all amazing. Have a wonderful day. ♥

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    Our Summer
    Chapter 51
    By the time I got down the stairs, tears were streaming down my face.
    Lucas looked up from the couch where he was laying. I turned my head so he couldn’t see me cry and hurried down the hall to my room while he called after me. I didn’t stop.
    I got to my room and crawled into my bed, pulling the blankets over my head.
    Lucas knocked on my door a few times, but when I didn’t answer, he must’ve given up and just walked straight in.
    “Nat, what’s wrong?” he asked softly from beside my bed. I sniffed and didn’t answer.
    “C’mon, Nat,” he murmured. “Talk to me.”
    “I don’t want to,” I muttered, my voice muffled from the blanket. I thought I heard him laugh a little. I felt his arm wrap around my waist through the blanket.
    “You’re so stubborn,” he said, and pulled the blanket off of my head. Then he sighed, and he brushed his finger over my damp cheek. “What’s wrong?” he asked gently. I sighed and turned my head towards him.
    “Nothing,” I mumbled.
    “Don’t make me tickle you,” he threatened into my ear, poking my side. I smiled a little and pushed his hand away. “You okay?” he asked, more seriously.
    “Yeah,” I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked momentarily.
    “Nothing,” I smiled at him and sat on the edge of my bed. “I’m fine,” I slid my arms around his waist and laid my head against his chest, breathing him in. He smelled like a mixture of his cologne that was fading off and the ocean. The smell itself made me feel better.
    “Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly, putting his strong arms around me.
    “Yes,” I whispered, pushing away the nagging thoughts about how I was leaving in just a week. I focused on Lucas, and only Lucas. “I’m sure.” I squeezed him a little tighter.
    AN: Alright, so there's only a few more chapters left. (: Thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this story! All of you mean so much to me. Thank you for reading (: I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Have a wonderful day. ♥

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    July 3, 2012 6:44am UTC
    Our Summer
    Chapter 50
    I stared at him in shock. It didn’t make any sense.
    “Natalie,” Brayden said my name again. Then he sighed. “Look, I know you like Lucas.” He stood and walked over to me. “I could tell from the very beginning. And obviously he was going to fall for you – you’re gorgeous, and funny, and nice,” Brayden spoke with more emotion and animation than I think I’ve seen him exhibit since we met. “And those eyes,” he sighed.
    “Brayden,” I interrupted. “Thank you, but – it’s just,” I fumbled for words. “I like him,” I finally whispered.
    “I know,” he sighed. “Give me a chance? Just think about it,” he pushed.
    I shook my head. I couldn’t agree. “There’s nothing to think about,” I told him. “You ditched me at that party, and Lucas came to get me. You ditched us for Addy all the time. On my birthday, you didn’t talk to me until Addy left, while Lucas went out of his way to make it special.”
    “I know that Lucas has been really nice to you – but face it. He’s not mature enough for a real relationship.”
    “What do you mean?” I asked, although I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know.
    “This is just a summer fling. Once you leave, he’ll forget about you.”
    “Oh, thanks! I’m that forgettable?” Tears sprung unwanted to my eyes.
    “No, that’s not what I meant!”
    “Well what did you mean?”
    “I meant… long distance relationships are hard, and I don’t think Lucas could handle it.”
    “And I supposed you think you could?” I said, hoping I wouldn’t start to cry.
    “I’d like to try,” he told me. I studied him – his brown hair was a little fuzzy and tousled. His bright blue eyes shined with intensity. There was a shower of freckles across his cheekbones and nose. He was handsome, that was for sure.
    But he wasn’t Lucas.
    “I’m sorry,” I turned and fled down the stairs.
    AN: So, Natalie chose Lucas (not that anyone could've expected much different), but Brayden sure did try pretty hard to put some doubts in her mind. Do you guys think she's going to listen to him and let what he said get to her, or is she going to let it go? ;) You'll have to find out. Thanks so much for reading. Have an amazing day. ♥

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    July 1, 2012 10:43am UTC
    Our Summer
    Chapter 49
    For a few moments after Addy stormed down the stairs, we all remained utterly silent.
    “What was that about?” Lucas asked. I stepped forward so I could see Brayden as he yanked a shirt on. He mumbled something that I probably wouldn’t want to repeat.
    “What?” he snapped when he saw we were both staring at him. I put my hand on Lucas’ shoulder, but he shook it off.
    “Nothing,” Lucas hurried back downstairs, following the same path as Addy. I bit my lip, not knowing whether I should stay or ditch with Lucas. Brayden sat on his bed with a sigh and put his face in his hands.
    “How much did you hear?” Brayden asked.
    “Not much,” I said quietly. “We didn’t know anyone was here – we just came to see what was going on,” I explained. He dropped his hands.
    “I don’t care,” he told me. I was taken aback. “About why you came up, I mean,” Brayden explained when he saw my expression. “I just wanted to know if you heard what she said about me – Lucas – you,” he said, flustered, but I knew what he was asking.
    “Yeah, I did,” I told him, honestly. He sighed.
    “That’s why she broke up with me. She forgot her purse here and when she came back she saw me dancing with you.”
    I instantly felt horrible. “I’m so sorry, Brayden –“
    He held up his hand, interrupting me. “Don’t be – I told you. I didn’t really want to be with her anymore anyways.”
    Despite what he said, I still felt bad. I couldn’t believe that Addy honestly thought that he liked me though. She must be even more stupid than I thought.
    An awkward silence fell between us, with Brayden sitting on his bed and me standing in the hall just outside the door way.
    “Natalie?” he said, looking up at me.
    “Hmm?” I said, absently.
    “She’s right.”
    The world felt as if it had just fallen out from under my feet.
    “What?” I said, sure that I had misunderstood. There must be more than one thing she could be right about.
    “She’s right,” he repeated carefully. “I do like you.”
    AN: Alright, so what do you guys think? I doubt you expected this, but I had to do something to cahnge it up a bit. (: Sorry that it's another cliffhanger (I seem to like those :P). Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it. Have a great day. ♥


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