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My name's Christina and I'm 14 years young & have a serious sickness.
Yeeahhh; I'm a Directioner;*
Are you? I hope so♥
Hate them all you want, but don't comment on my profile calling them gay or worthless.
Possitive commeeenntts pwweasseee!
I get all this facts from Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Tv, ect. So I'm not "copying" anyone.
I'm deeeppppllyy in love with all 5 of them.
But I do have a favorite ;o
I know I shouldn't BUT I DO!
Niall James Horan♥
I. Am. Marrying. Him.
Back off ladies.
He's mine.


baby, you light up my world like nobody else
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  1. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2012 9:25pm UTC
    I Knew All Along
    Chapter-2 ~ Christina's POV
    -A One Direction Story-
    Liam, Liam Payne from One Direction! I‘m talking to Liam! FROM ONE DIRECTION! I screamed inside my head. I was going insane, One Direction was my favorite band, idols, my everything. "I'm so sorry, gosh. Here let me-" he raised a napkin to clean it off, but I shooed his hand away.
    "Save it British boy." I pretended as though I didn’t know him."Again, I'm sorry!" He paused. “Wait, you don’t know who I am?” I shook my head. Confused, he turned around and walked back to his friends. I grabbed my phone and headed to the bathroom, passing Liam and five others.
    "Li! I can't believe you did that to a girl!" One of the guys called out, Zayn I believe.
    "A hot one at that!" Harry shouted. I rolled my eyes at them and pushed open the door. I stood in front of the mirror, almost in tears. Christina, you just ran into Liam Payne. He’s with the rest of One Direction. I thought to myself. Why are you so stupid? They probably hate you because you acted like you had no clue who the hell they were. I mean how could you not? They’re One Direction for crying out loud! I pushed aside my thoughts and examined my shirt. After five minutes of trying to get it off, I gave up and ripped it off my body. I was now in black athletic shorts and a pink sports bra. "Screw it." I mumbled, not caring how I looked at this point. I pulled open the bathroom door and walked out. Before I could even take two steps out the door, I bumped into someone. What was with me and running into people today?
    "Whoops, sorry." I apologized.
    "It's okay love." a strong accent spoke. It wasn't British, or Australian... Irish? I wondered. He let out a small giggle, and I looked up at him. He had blonde hair that was styled perfectly, and crystal clear blue eyes. He was wearing tan pants and a blue plaid shirt with a white one underneath. Niall Horan.
    "Hello?" He waved his hands in front of my face. Sh/t, I was staring.
    "Oh uh hi." I managed to stutter out. I looked down, embarrassed. When I glanced back up I noticed him staring at what I was wearing. "Oh, this guy kind of spilled his drink and-"
    "Liam, I know. I’m one of his friends. Anyways you can't walk around like that silly." He said, referring to my sports bra. "Take this." He ordered, removing his plaid shirt and holding it out for me to take. I refused at first, but eventually he convinced me into wearing it. I buttoned it up and adjusted it. I looked at myself in the front camera of my iPhone.
    "I look ridiculous." I admitted. He stood behind me making a funny face. "What exactly are you doing?" I asked, looking at him through the camera.
    "I thought you were taking a picture!" I shook my head no, and let out a laugh. "Well take one anyways!" He told me. I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue. I snapped the picture and Niall grabbed my wrist and led me over to Liam and the rest of the guys.
    Five heads turned around to me and I knew who they were them immediately. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Josh, their drummer. They all had drinks and it looked as if Lou and Harry were in the middle of a crumb fight.
    “I believe you owe this girl a sorry, Liam!” Niall hissed at him.
    “I’m sorry… Again.” Liam pouted, slightly smiling at me. I rolled my eyes and tried walking away. What the f/ck Christina?! One Direction is in front of you! Don’t walk away! Suddenly I felt a strong grip around my wrist and spun around to see what it was.
    “Where ya goin’?” Niall wondered, looking at me like I was insane. “Don’t you want to stay with us?” I shrugged my shoulders.
    Yes, of course. “No.” I simply replied, turning back around. I mentally slapped myself.
    “She doesn’t got a clue who we are!” Liam declared. I jolted back around.
    I might as well play along now that I got them thinking that.
    HEY GUYS. One Direction Fanfiction right hurr. (; lol, so it's kind of boring yada yada yada you know the deal. More up tonight?
    If the writing is like this then it's them thinking in their head, like their thoughts, lol.
    Feedback? Like? Dislike?
    Comment for a notifiation. :)

  2. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2012 12:30am UTC
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  3. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    August 14, 2012 11:52pm UTC
    I Knew All Along
    Introduction ~ Christina's POV
    -A One Direction Story-
    "Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?" My dad greeted me as I hopped down the stairs in my new and favorite outfit.
    "Pretty good, what do you think?" I asked, spinning in a circle so my dad could see my outfit.
    "Beautiful, as usual." He complimented. "Anyways, as you know I'll be leaving around noon and won't be back until late August. Jessie will be coming every Wednesday from two until five checking up on you and cleaning the pool. I left a thousand cash and my credit card on my dresser for food and such. I trust you, and if you ever need anything I'm just a phone call away." He rambled on, he's been doing this since I was 13, and I'll be 17 in a few weeks.
    He gently kissed my forehead just as the front door flung open.
    "Whoops, sorry didn't mean to interrupt your precious father daughter moment." Megan, my best friend, joked throwing herself on my couch.
    "I love you, daddy. See you soon." I smiled. We said our goodbyes and he headed back upstairs to shower. I skipped over to our blender and threw in some fruits and milk, making my signature smoothies. I poured some in a bottle for Meg, and the rest in my One Direction water bottle. I threw the drink on the couch and walked out the door, Megan close behind. We decided not to take a car and walk, we were a bit early and it was gorgeous out.
    "You're lookin hella fine today," Meg winked, noticing my outfit. I had on a white flowy tank top that reached just above my waist, a pair of blue skinny jeans, and my new grey boots with two inch heels. My dark brunette hair swayed back and forth as I walked, it was tied up in a messy, yet perfect, ponytail and my long sliver earrings dangled freely by my neck.
    "Last day of school, gotta leave with a bang." I winked back, taking a sip of my smoothie. We made small talk until we arrived at school. I pushed open the double doors that led inside and was immediately greeted by my amazing boyfriend, Trent, and his football friends.
    The day went by fairly quickly, and before I knew it the last bell rang.
    School was out, and Summer was in.
    HEY GUYS. One Direction Fanfiction right hurr. (; lol, so it's kind of boring yada yada yada you know the deal. More up tonight?
    Feedback? Like? Dislike?
    Comment for a notifiation. :)

  4. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    July 3, 2012 4:29pm UTC
    Love Was Not For Me
    Forever A Player
    Readers, I'm so sorry I haven't written in over a month. This is honestly the first time I've had time to come on a computer since the last time I wrote. But it's my last Summer with all my friends because I'll be going to a different high school than ANY of them, so I'm really trying to enjoy it!!
    I figured out a way I might be able to write, however. But I'm giving up this account.
    I might continue these stories but idk. If you wanna know my username just ask.
    Sorry guys!! Hope yall understand.

  5. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 17, 2012 3:21am UTC
    Hey Cancer,
    Guess what?
    Daddy's fight is almost over.
    He's too strong for you, guess you loose this one.

  6. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 13, 2012 8:33pm UTC
    Love Was Not For Me
    Chapter 2
    ---Christina's POV---
    "You can just leave everything out on the counter," I said pointing to the island in the middle of my large kitchen. "They can take what they want." I shrugged, placing three bottles of soda down and a few bags of chips. Irene and Belle did the same, complaining about some stupid things.
    I still couldn't focus; Thomas was going to be at my house tonight... tonight. Just then I remembered I had to text him the details.
    305 Wendell Av @ 7.
    I simply texted, not wanting to put much effort into it.
    The girls and I went upstairs and trashed my room with clothes, looking for the perfect outfit for me. At last, we decided on booty shorts and a tight pink ruffled sleeveless shirt. I threw on a pair of dangly earrings, a heart shaped necklace and a few bangles. I put my hair up in a perfect messy bun and choose a pair of sunglasses to go on top of my head.
    "Gorgeous! You look perfect, Thomas is going to fall head over heels for you!" Belle complimented. I smiled at her, straightening my shirt out.
    "Obviously she looks perfect, there's a reason why she's the most popular girl at school, Belle!" I blushed, I hated when people said that. Just because I was 'beautiful' and had nice clothes and money doesn't mean I have to be the leader of the school. But that's the way things were.
    "Whatever, let's get downstairs before people start coming." I told them, taking one last look at myself in the mirror.
    --Thomas' POV--
    I walked up the Christina's front door and rang the door bell. One of her friends, Irene I think, answered it.
    "Thomas! Glad you could make it!" She greeted. I smiled and walk past her, taking in my surroundings. Her house was huge. Flat screen, popcorn maker, leather couches? This was too much.
    "Yo, Thomas!" Lucas called from in the kitchen. I paced over to him, pouring myself some Pepsi. I leaned against the counter, talking to Luke and some of my other friends from school. I glanced over at the door leading to the back yard, noticing Christina there. She looked around, then over at me.
    The corners of her mouth went upwards into a smile, but I quickly looked away; uninterested.
    Maybe more tonight.
    Sorry, just soo happy(:
    Feedback please?!

  7. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 13, 2012 8:03pm UTC
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  8. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 12, 2012 8:07pm UTC
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  9. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 10, 2012 8:00pm UTC
    Love Was Not For Me
    ---Christina's POV---
    I was always the type of girl to get any guy she wanted, yet remain single. The type who falls for almost anyone.
    I've told myself countless times that I don't need love, yet I always find myself craving it.
    Popular you could call me, but I wouldn't say that.
    Sure, I was friends with almost everyone in my school. But we were only 14, 8th grade. I still had my entire high school years ahead of me, things could change in an instant.
    It was the beginning of May, the 6th to be exact. One month, and 7 days until we graduate middle school and move on.
    I was beyond excited, and with no guy keeping me grounded, I was ready to go crazy for my last month of school.
    Both my best friends, Belle and Irene, had boyfriends and kept trying to set me up, no matter how many times I told them I was happy them way i was.
    We were on our way to a local park to watch some baseball games and hang with our friends.
    Once we arrived I was greeted with a hug by just about everyone I saw. We stood for a few minutes, girls complimenting each other, guys kissing their girls, and such.
    I felt a pair of eyes watch me, I looked up towards one of the baseball fields and met someones gaze.
    My heart fluttered, but I pushed my feelings aside.
    Love was not for me.
    Soo, this was a really bad intro. I didn't know how to start it.. But more of this and my othe r story (Forever A Player) up tomorrow or Tuesday! I hope you guys don't mind I;m dong two at once :)
    Feedback please?!

  10. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 10, 2012 6:55pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 12//Christina's POV
    It's been two weeks since Trent and I became official. The whole school was still in shock, they thought it'd be over by now. All his friend's didn't really get along with me, that is except for Joey. We've surprisingly become pretty close lately.
    "You will never believe this!" I shouted into the phone.
    "What?" Trent's deep voice answered, the one I never got tired of hearing.
    "3 of out the 5 tests came out negative!" I screamed, jumping up and down with Irene in my bathroom.
    "That's great, babe! I'll be over in ten." And with that he hung up the phone.
    "You got lucky, girl." Irene told me, I stared down and the tests layed out on my bathroom sink.
    "I know, but it'll never happen again. You know that's not me." She nodded her head and I heard a faint ringing coming from my computer.
    It was an Oovoo call from Joey. I pressed the answer button and his face popped up on my screen.
    "Hey Joey!" I greeted, waving at him.
    "Sup short stuff?" I cringed at what he called me. I was super short and I hated when people took note on that, but Joey refused to call me anything else.
    "Nothing, but guess what!" He raised his eyebrows, something he always did for some reason.
    "What?" I paused, taking a deep breath in.
    "I'm not pregnant!" I announced, a smile plastered across my face.
    "Christina, that's amazing! We have to go out and celebrate!" He offered, like usual.
    "Well, Trent's coming over any minute now, and Irene is here.." He shrugged his shoulder as Irene came up behind me.
    "Hey, Joey." She smiled, they were pretty good friends as well.
    "Hey! And that's perfect, we can all go to bonfire tonight at 9. I'll pick you guys up at quarter of, cool?" I looked up at Irene, she nodded.
    "Perfect." I told him, just as the door bell rung.
    "I'll go get it!" Irene shouted, skipping down my steps.
    "Well, that's Trent. I'll see you tonight, bye Joey." I said, ending the call and meeting Irene and Trent in my living room.
    "Hey, congrats! I'm glad we got lucky!" He cheered, picking me up and spinning me in a circle.
    "Putt me down!" I ordered, laughing. He carefully set me down and walked over to the couch.
    I explained to him the plans for tonight and he agreed.
    "Okay, we'll be getting ready upstairs. Be down in a half hour." I pecked his cheek and made my way upstairs with Irene close behind.
    We did our hair, make up, and picked out simple, yet effective, outfits in a matter of 20 minutes. I glanced at the clock, which read 8:09.
    We went back downstairs and watched tv until Joey's car was parked infront of my house.
    We all walked out and into his car.
    "Shot gun!" I called, jumping into the front seat.
    "Hey guys," Joey smiled.
    "Hey, Christina. You look gorgeous." I blushed, looking away.
    "Listen, at 10 o'clock meet me by the rocks, you know where that is, right?"
    Wow, this is boring.
    Soo, I have this new idea for a story. And I REALLY wanna start it.. But I wanna finish this one too! So I might be writing two at once?! Idk yet though, hehe. :)

  11. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2012 7:32pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 11//Trent's POV
    "You boys might want to just back down now. I'm winning that locker!" I decalred, slamming my books down and taking a seat next to Joey.
    "No way man," Tyler pipped up, "Irene's all over me." I rolled my eyes, knowing I was going to get the locker.
    "Let's make this intresting. Whoever gets their girl to get it with them by the end of the week will..." Joey started, waiting for someone else to finish his sentence.
    "Get a-" I cut off Kyle.
    "Already done." I announced, a bit embarrased for once. Everyone laughed, clutchng their stomachs from the disbeilief. "Deadass, bro. Allie's party. Ask her yourself." I sneered, I loved being the center of attention.
    "Damn, T. You work fast!" Kyle commented. I shrugged my shoulders, she was just another girl to screw over.
    The bell rang and I exited the class, noticing Christina at her locker. I crossed my fingers and hoped not too many people would see what I was just about to do.
    She shut her locker and turned around, facing me.
    "Hey babe." I said, forcing my lips on hers, pressing her against the lockers and grabbing her waist with one hand. She quickly pulled away and wiped her lips. "What, no kiss for the baby daddy?" I joked, trying to lighten her mood.
    "We aren't together, Trent.." She muttered, turning away and walking down the hall.
    I grabbed her hand and spun her back around. I clenched my teeth together and regretted evrything about this, but the locker was worth it, I needed all the luck I could get to get into a good college.
    "Yes we are, Christina."
    "No, we aren't.. Trent." She spat at me.
    "My name's Trent, and this is my girlfriend, Christina!" I shouted through the halls, embracing her in a hug.
    Wow, I missed writing sooo muchh!
    This is soo short & I barely had time to write it s don't mind any mistajes you see.. Better tha nothing!
    Again, I've been SUPER busy that's why I'm not writing lately. BUT I WILL START AGAIN.

  12. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2012 5:07pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Hey everyone, remember me?
    I know I haven't written in almost two weeks, but I have my reasons!
    I came home last Monday and had a huge project due, the next day that I didn't even start. And I had final preps all last week, plus finals last & this week. I have huge last minute projects my teachers are deciding to throw at me, plus I'm getting ready for my graduation, which is a week from tomorrow!
    I swear I'll start writing really soon, maybe tonight?
    I'm working on a project now, but if I finish quick enough I'll write!
    I hope you don't hate me, but I understand if you do :(
    Well, thanks for all the support and EVERYTHING you guys have done for me. :)
    Love you allllllllllllllllll. ♥

  13. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    May 24, 2012 9:05am UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 10//Christina's POV
    There was silence.
    I was too scared to say anything, I didn't know what to say either.
    "N-no." I finally muttered into my phone. "Trent.."
    "It's true." He mumbled back.
    "But, no! I can't have a kid! I'm too young- I'm not ready! I need to finish high school, and go to collage! I have so much to do and this could ruin it all! My entire life!" I screamed, drowning myself in my own pity.
    "Just, get a few tests in a week. And we'll see from then. Don't sweat it, you could not even be pregnant. Okay? So just go about your normal life." He instructed me.
    "Okay." I said, flatly.
    "Well, go back to sleep. You had a rough night." He cooed.
    "Bye." I told him, hanging up the phone.
    I threw my phone to the side and started bawling my eyes out.
    I tired to stop, but I just couldn't. All my life I've been making fun of teen moms and now I am one.
    What are my parents going to think? And Irene? And the whole school?!
    Everyone always expected my sister to get pregnant first.
    But nope, it was me.
    So I'm in ELA Lab right now, bored. So I thought hey, why not write? Then I realized I have five minutes left. lol. Short and pointless kinda, but enjoy!
    I Won't be writing until Monday or Tuesday. I'M SO SORRY. But I'm going away right after school tomorrow.
    Comment on this quote if you want a reminder. :)

  14. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2012 6:45pm UTC
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  15. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2012 7:46pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 8//Christina's POV
    "What do you mean?" Irene questioned, examining the dress I had lay out on her bed. And where the hell is the rest of this dress?!" She threw it down and demanded me to tell her what was going on.
    I quickly explained to her what just happened and how I was going to prove to my sister that Trent loved me, not her.
    "Christina, you're letting this whole thing go to your head! You started talking today, he can't love you already!" I wave of anger came over me.
    "What do you know?! I've loved him since the 6th f*cking grade. He could've started loving me whenever the hell he wanted too and never said anything like me!" I screamed at her.
    She put her hands up and backed away slowly. "Okay, okay. Sorry for saying that." I let it go, knowing she meant it, and slipped on my dress.
    "Do my make up for me?" I begged, not knowing how to do this stuff at all. Irene wore make up, unlike me.
    "Sit," She ordered, pointing to her spinney chair. I quickly sat and she began to apply the make up. Before I knew it she was done, and I looked like a whole other person. I looked... Pretty.
    I thanked her and let my hair down in it's normal curled self and hopped into my pumps. I grabbed my phone and Irene's hand and flew out the door.
    We took her car and I gave her the instructions.
    "Now remember, if anyone asks, I stayed at your house all night and we watched movies and ate. Okay?" She nodded, eyes focused on the dark road ahead. "And stay by your phone. I'll call you if I need anything. Got it?" She nodded her head again.
    "Got it. And we're here!" She pulled infront of a huge house with flashing lights and music blaring. I heard a crash and a few screams and had no clue what I was in for.
    I jumped out of the car and into the house. I immediately spotted Trent over by the drinks.
    "Oh my gosh. Trent? What are you doing here?!" I said in a surprised voice.
    "I think the question is, what are you doing here?" He checked me out, offering a drink.
    "What is it?" I said, remembering my sister's incident last time. "Punch." He sneered. I got an uneasy feeling, but decided to trust him anyway. I mean, why would he lie to me?
    I quickly drank the liquid, letting it drip down my throat.
    "Another?" He asked. I accepted, drinking it a little slower this time.
    * * *
    I woke up on Irene's bed, with my phone going off. I looked at the ID and noticed it was my sister. Still too tired to answer, I hit the quiet button and rolled over on my side. A few minutes later my phone went off again. I had a new multimedia message. I clicked it open, it was from my sister.
    My mouth dropped and I was speechless as the video played.
    This was going to ruin my life; forever.
    So I know I haven't written in like what, forever?! Yeah well I've been soooo sick to the point where I can't get out of bed. /: tomorrow might be my last day of writing until Monday. I'M REALLYYYYY SORRRRRRRYYYYYYY!
    Comment on this quote if you want a reminder. :)

  16. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    May 20, 2012 12:23pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 7//Christina's POV
    "What did you just call me?" She said through her clenched teeth.
    "Sl*t. You're a s-l-u-t, SL*T!" Trent yelled at her.
    "That's not what you said last weekend, Trent." She spat back, winking and walking back over to our house.
    "L-last weekend?" I stuttered, tears welling up in my eyes.
    I don't know why I was getting so emotional. He was my friend, just my friend. Right?
    "I don't know what she's talking about." He said in all seriousness.
    "The chicks crazy.." Tyler piped in.
    "Word." Joey agreed.
    "Okay." I simply replied, not wanting to think about it anymore. "I should get going though, I have a lot of unpacking to do. Nice meeting you all." I waved goodbye and exited the yard, running up to my room.
    "I hate myself!" I cried into my Hello Kitty pillow I've had since I was a little girl. "I hate my sister!" I cried harder. "I hate this house, my family, my friends, my life, everything!" I sobbed into my now drenched pillow.
    I finally forced myself to stop crying and sat up, wiping away the dried up tears stained on my cheeks.
    It was a Friday night and I was home crying.
    Like a loser, because I am one.
    "But mom!" Melissa shouted from her room, across the hall from mine.
    "No but's Mel! You're not going!" My mom hollered back. I inched closer to the door, listening in on their conversation.
    "It's the party of the year! Last one before graduation!" I forgot my sister was graduating high school this year, along with Trent. While I was stuck in that place for a whole other year.
    "Maybe you should have remembered that before you went and got alcohol poisoning last time I let you go!" She fought back. The last party my sister went to was a month or two ago and she drank spiked punch and got alcohol poisoning from it.
    "Ugh! I hate this house! I'm leaving for the night!" something hit the ground and I'm guessing it was a her bag she needed for the night.
    "Oh no you are not!" My mom screamed. "You're staying here! You can have people come over but you are not leaving this house! And if I found out you do you're grounded until you graduate!" She yelled, I felt like clapping for my mom. My sister always got what she wanted, but not this time.
    "Everyone's going to be at Allie's house tonight! That's where the party is!"
    Allie, I knew her. She was my sister's best friend. I checked the time, it was only seven. I grabbed a bag and shoved some clothes and money into it. I opened my door and both my mom and sister stared at me.
    "Uh, I'm sleeping over Irene's tonight.." I said, walking awkwardly past them and down the stairs.
    "Be careful!" My mom warned.
    "Why can she go out, but not me?!" My sister yelled. I quickly sprinted out the door before I could hear anymore fighting.
    I dialed Irene's number and told her I needed to come over in a half hour. She agreed and I drove to the mall.
    I picked up some make up, a dress and shoes and threw them in my car, quickly going to Irene's.
    I carefully placed them in my bag and walked up to her front door, opening it.
    I never knocked, it was like my second home anyway.
    I made my way up to Irene's room and threw my stuff on her bed, spreading it all out.
    "Okay, what is all this for?" Irene questioned.
    "One word; party."
    I have bad news/:
    I'm going away this weekend and I'm leaving right after school on Friday and getting home Monday. So I won't be able to write until like late Monday or Tuesday.
    Comment on this quote if you want a reminder. :)

  17. 1Directionerx0 1Directionerx0
    posted a quote
    May 18, 2012 4:18pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 6//Christina's POV
    "Trent?" I asked, my voice was shaky. "Hey, since when did you live here?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Moved a few days ago and-" I was cut off by a loud shriek.
    "Ah! Trenty!" My sisters annoying voice yelped. "Hey, Miss." He said, kind of unenthusiastic. I felt a smile spread across my face as I realized he didn't want to talk to her. "What are you doing here, baby?" She asked, giving him a hug and a kiss on the check. He quickly wiped off the gooey lip gloss and answered; "To see if Christina wanted to come hang with me and my friends." My eyes widened, did he really just say that?
    "Why her?" She said, disgusted.
    "She's my friend."
    "But why?" Her face was scrunched up, that's attractive. I thought.
    "Because," He started, probably not being able to think of anything. "She's stubborn, funny, a good singer, shy, and bea-" My sister threw her hands up in the air.
    "Okay, okay that's enough. Can I join?" She winked, touching he's muscles.
    "Oh, sh*t. That's my mom calling gotta go bye!" He quickly jumped down the steps and over to the house next door.
    "He doesn't like you, Melissa." I sneered.
    "Like you're any better." She fought back.
    "According to him I am." She narrowed her eyes and walked away, defeated.
    "This isn't over, sis." She spat at me.
    I walked back up to my room, and started unpacking again.
    "Hey cutie." I heard someone say. I flinched, not knowing who it was. I looked around and saw no one.
    "In the tree, smarta*s." The voice said again. I stumbled over to my windows and saw Trent sitting on a branch. "You coming?" He wondered.
    "Coming where?"
    "To hang out with us, I invited you like ten seconds ago. Remember?" He smiled at me.
    "Oh yeah. Sure, but let me change first." I walked over to a box and pulled out a white T-shirt and athletic shorts and went into the bathroom to change. I pulled my hair back in a high pony tail an climbed down the tree with Trent, making sure my sister didn't notice where I was going.
    He introduced me to his football buddies and they passed it back and forth, I awkwardly stood there not knowing what to do.
    "Christina, catch!" Trent threw the foam ball to me and I caught it.
    "Over here!" Joey called. I threw it to him, it spiraled perfectly and went right to him.
    "Damn, when did you get so good?" Trent laughed.
    "My dad taught me when I was little." I shrugged, not thinking much of it.
    We passed for a little bit and then sat with our feet in his pool just talking.
    Out of nowhere the gates flung open and Melissa walked in wearing huge hoop earrings, a string bikini and sunglasses.
    "Christina! Mom wants you home!" She yelled, taking a sip of the lemonade she was holding. "OMG, Trent?! I had no idea you were here!" She was such a bad liar sometimes.
    "Well, I am." He shot Joey and weird look and Joey stood up.
    "And we don't want you here, so leave. Sl*t."
    Soo, it's the weekend YAY. Idk if I'll be writing because I'm always super busyy but if not I deff will Sunday or Mondayy!
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    May 17, 2012 3:53pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 5//Christina's POV
    I sat by my phone, Trent's number dialed.
    Did I even want to call him?
    If I did, I thought to myself, I might finally be able to get a chance with him. We could start off being friends and stuff.. And then, ugh. Who am I kidding? He's never going to like me.
    But if I don't call him, it could ruin any chance I have; if any. And I wouldn't be able to see why he wants me to call me.
    I sat on my bed for a minute, debating my next move. Finally I made up my mind; I was going to call him.
    picked up my phone, the number still dialed, and I hit the green call button.
    "Please answer," I mumbled to myself.
    This was stupid, he's not answering.
    *Ring, ring, ring*
    He's not going to answer. I went to hit the end call button, but heard a faint, 'hello?' first.
    "H-hey." I stuttered.
    "Christina?" His voice sounded so different over the phone, but still amazing.
    "Yeah, you told me to call. Remember?" I felt stupid calling, he probably didn't even want me too.
    "Oh yeah, but I didn't think you actually would..." He trailed off. I shrugged my shoulders, then remembered he couldn't see me.
    "Oh," I awkwardly laughed, not knowing what to say.
    "Yo, who you on the phone with?" Some guy shouted from the background, I think it was Joey. "We're having a pass out back, come out when you're done with whoever." The voice said.
    "Hey, sorry. I'm at my friends house. Can I call you later tonight?" He wondered, surprisingly sounding sincere.
    "Yeah, sure, fine." I quickly said.
    "Cool, catch ya later."
    "Bye." I hit the end button and threw my phone on my bed, laying down next to it. I covered my face with a pillow and screamed into it, letting all my happiness come out. My door flung open and my mom stood there.
    "Is everything okay?" She asked. I nodded my head and sat up straight. "Okay sweetie. Finish unpacking, your father and I have to help Mel. There's pizza in the fridge if you want any!" She closed the door, leaving me alone.
    We moved here two days ago cause I guess the old house wasn't suited for 'our needs' or whatever. I stumbled over to the boxes and started setting up my room.
    I actually loved my new room, I think it's better than Melissa's. We both had our own bathroom's, but she had a walk in closet. I had just a regular one. On one side of my room was three huge window's that opened up so the fresh California air could come in. One of them was right by a tree, so I could climb on it like in those movies. I decided to open up the window's and let the Spring air drift in, I heard a few guys yelling in the yard next to mine. Loud neighbor's; great.
    I ignored them and began unpacking my clothes. I turned on my IPod and let the music fill my ears.
    A few minutes later I heard a thump on the ground and looked over to see a foam football lying next to my bed.
    "Hey! Over here!" I heard a guy call from a house over. I looked out my window and saw a tan guy who went to my school. "My friend is coming over to get it in the front!" He yelled. I hopped down my stairs and opened the front door, running out.
    But before I could even leave my doorway, I bumped into someone.
    "Oh, sorry." We both said at once. I looked up, rubbing my head where we collided and lost my train of thought.
    :o what's gonna happen next?!
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    May 16, 2012 3:33pm UTC
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    May 15, 2012 7:46pm UTC
    Forever A Player
    Chapter 3//Trent's POV
    I plopped down in my normal homeroom seat, next to my best friend, Joey.
    "Sup," Joey said to me, I shrugged my shoulders. A few seconds later we were joined by our other football players, all crowded around me and Joey's desk.
    "No way, man!" Kyle said, punching Tyler in the shoulder. I gave them a questioning look.
    "He wants to make a bet with me!" Kyle shouted. "So? It's just a bet." Tyler mimicked me, making Kyle p*ssed. "Yeah, a bet against Tyler! The guy who's never lost a bet since the day he was born!" Tyler held his head high, proud of his accomplishments. "What's the bet?" Joey piped in.
    "Well, we would each get a complete loser girl and whoever made their girl fall in love with them first; wins." Tyler explained. "What do they win?" Our other friend, Ben asked.
    "That locker for football." My eyes opened wide. "Thee locker?" I wondered. Tyler nodded his head.
    "I'm in." I declared. "Me too," Joey said. "Word." Agreed Ben. "Well, I guess I will too then." Kyle finally gave in. "Great, so it's us five. But no one can know about this bet, deal?"
    "Deal." We said at once. We each picked each other's loser.
    Ben had Gabby.
    Joey had Miranda.
    Kyle had Becca.
    Tyler had Irene.
    And I had Christina.
    I knew Christina since the seventh grade, well six for her. She was an okay girl once you started talking to her.
    I trudged into Science class taking a seat next to Shay, checking her out. "Lookin' good babe." I winked.
    "Trent, you're such a player." She teased. I knew she was right though.
    "I know." I laughed, just as the teacher announced how we were going to be getting new partners.
    I hope I get a hottie. I thought to myself.
    "And in the back, Trent and Christina." A sly smile formed across my face. This bet was almost too easy.
    I got up and walked over to the empty desk, sitting down.
    "Hey." I said to Christina as she took the stool next to me.
    "Hi." She answered, her voice was shaking. Probably from being near me, I have that affect on girls.
    Class was dismissed and the rest of my classes went by dreadfully.
    Lunch finally rolled around and I decided to make my move on Christina.
    The sooner she loved me, the sooner that locker was mine.
    I plopped down in the chair next to her's and turned on my charm, giving her my number.
    "Call me, tonight." I flirted. She slipped the napkin in her pocket and got up to throw away her things.
    After she got up, I walked back to my usual lunch table filled with jocks and hot girls.
    I took the seat between Kylie and Joey, finishing my sandwich.
    Once lunch was over I went to the locker room to smoke with my boys.
    Kyle faked passes for all of us and I stumbled over to Algebra, remembering I had it with Christina.
    I walked in, handing Mr. Cliemen the note.
    "Hey, Trent." Kylie flashed me a smile, looking at the empty seat next to her. I simply waved and took a seat next to Christina. We started whispering so Mr. Cliemen wouldn't notice us.
    "I don't like you." She stated. I used her words to my advantage.
    "Well, I like you." I lied. She rolled her eyes and tried to focus on the lesson.
    "Will you please call me tonight?" I begged.
    "No." She declared, damn this girl as stubborn.
    "Please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee?" I pleaded, holding out my 'e' and giving her puppy dog eyes.
    A smile crept onto her face and I was sure she was going to say yes.
    "No." She spat at me, gathering her books and changing seats. I threw my pen on the desk, annoyed with how b*tchy she was being.
    Christina was falling in love with me, no matter what I had to do.
    Trent is a selfish player who cares only about looks if you didn't get it. ;)
    Feedback please?
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