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Status: Read mine and hgirl 's new fanfic called "I Left My Heart In Cheshire" we upload every tuesday. Read/Comment/Fave if you like it :D <3

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Hey, my name's Katie.

This account is for OneDirectoin fanfiction (and a few normal quotes every once in  a while)
This is originally my account, but now it's co-owned with hgirl

We would usually do personal imagines, but seeing as school has started, not a lot of people are requesting them, so we've decided to make a longer fanfiction story :) That means no personal imagines for the time being. LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOTIFIED FOR THE STORY

Anyways, a little bit more about me.
I'm 14 years young, freshman and I live in Canada!
I have had brown and ombre hair, and now I'm blonde :)
(but I'm orignially blonde!)
Blue/grey eyes!
I love playing soccer, volleyball and football!
I'd like to live in England when I grow up
I'm from the city and I will never be a country girl ;p
I've suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression for 4 years, and I've been self harming for  2 years;
I don't see an end to it anytime soon :/
I'll talk to anyone who wants to talk to me, and I've heard I give pretty good advice, so if you've got a question, don't hesitate to ask:)

Twitter: @katiegumpxo
Tumblr: young-tired-and-broken.tumblr.com
ask.fm: ask.fm/katiegumpxo

One Direction's music literally saved my life, I made a quote about it if you'd like to read it: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/6048595

Their music means everything to me, and I wouldn't be here with out it. That's all

I hope you have a lovely day :)

"Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain"
-Louis Tomlinson
  1. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    January 29, 2013 7:56pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 11
    "Get in loser, we're going shopping." I joked as Harry walked from his house to my car.
    "I love that movie!" he exclaimed to my reference of the movie Mean Girls.
    "Where do you want to eat?" I asked.
    "Isabella's?" he suggested the italian resteraunt down the street and I nodded.
    I parked in the front of Isabella's and they we're average, not too busy, not too slow, on this afternoon.
    I took off my seatbelt, and you know how you notice things out of the corner of your eye?
    Not intentionally. But you just notice? Well I saw Harry looking in the mirror at an angle that led straight to the bruise.
    I looked over into his emerald eyes, and his emotion was unreadable.
    He took his thumb and gently glided over the bruise, wiping off most of the makeup on it, which I could tell was planned.
    "Ow Harry what the h.ell!?" I asked.
    "Amy.." he breathed.
    "That looks awful."
    "I'm okay, really." I said, but something told me I didn't convince him.
    "Okay. Stay put." He said then got out..what?
    Then I saw he was walking over to my side of the car, and opened the door for me. Awh, what a gentleman.
    He offered me his hand and I took it and we entered, than sat an ordered.
    Isabella herself was our waitress, and from the times I had ate there I had talked to her and she's quite nice, but quite the worrier, so when ever she came to bring food, or refill drinks, I covered my cheek.
    She came from behind, and I didn't see her, and quickly tried to cover my cheek, but it was too late.
    "Hun that looks awful!" she exclaimed, "What happened?" she asked.
    "I-I ran into a pole." I lied.
    "Oh, well here's your check." she said setting it down.
    "It got it." Harry offered.
    "Please, my parents left me pleanty enough money." I said, "I can get my own meal."
    "I never said you couldn't, but I just don't want a pretty girl like you to pay for you own meal." he sweet talked, whatever I wasn't buying it. I know he liked Meghan.
    We got into my car, and I let him drive my car, to the mall about a half an hour away, so not too far.
    "Ames, you heard her, it looks awful. Please tell someone, or I will." Harry begged, while his big hands gripped the steering wheel, his emerald eyes shining bright, but glued to the road, his curls setting just right on his forehead in a messy, but ever so gorgous style.
    "Da/mn." I cursed under my breath.
    "Come again?" he asked, not hearing me, thank god.
    "I said no Harry, it's my buisness not your's and leave me to it. I'm fine. I pro-"
    "No. Don't promise lies." he cut me off, and I sighed.
    He glanced over at me briefly, then back at the road, pulling in.
    After some shopping, more shopping, and even more shopping, my arms ached, and so did my feet, and I wanted to leave.
    "Harry let's go." I said and he agreed.
    I pulled into my driveway, and he got out. Then glanced at me again, holding both of my small hands in his much larger ones. Then stared at the ground, momentarily, then looking back into my icey grey eyes.
    "I should beat the life out of him, for even daring to make a mark on you."
    "HARRY!" I shouted, irritated. "DROP IT."
    "YOU OBVIOUSLY AREN'T OKAY!" he shouted back.
    wait, what?
    Also a lot of credit to Katie for this chapter because I had no clue what to write and she told me the stuff to write, buuuut I'm sick guys. I have the flu! "I can't go." * Cough cough* "I'm sick." <- another mean girls reference. I'M OBSESSED GUYS. oh and my biiiiiiiiiiiiirfday is in two weeks. (februrary 8th)
    Format Credit: Cookiedoughformats

  2. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2013 10:22am UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 10
    I woke up to the sunlight pouring in through my window. I lazily rolled over when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my left cheek. It stopped me in my tracks as I reached up to touch the swollen skin on my cheek. I got up as quickly as I could and walked over to the full length mirror in my room to see what it looked like.
    I let out a short gasp as I saw what my face looked like. The skin on my left cheek was purple and had swollen up to the size of a tangerine. I couldn't believve it,
    "How am I going to hide this..."
    I whispered to myself, but was quickly interrupted by a knock on my door. I jumped into bed and pulled the sheets up over my face to try and hide the wound.
    "Come in!" I called out in my rhaspy morning voice.
    My mother walked in and started speaking to me really quickly,
    "Hey sweetie, Tom and I are going out for the day, so we left you some money for food and a little bit extra if you'd like to go shopping or something. You should invite Harry! I'm sure you guys would have a great day together!"
    "Thanks mom, have a good day." I mumbled back. I heard her let out a little huff, but she didn't comment on my non-responsiveness.
    "I love you, hun." She called out as I heard her get up off my bed to exit my room.
    "I love you too!" I called back with over-enthusiasm to make her happy. I heard her laugh a bit as she made her way down the stairs and it made me smile.
    As soon as I knew my mom wasn't near me anymore, I let out a huge sigh. I didn't want to go anywhere today, but I knew both my mom and Tony would get suspicious if I didn't use any of the money they left because they both know I love to shop and buy stuff, so I got up and walked to my bathroom as I heard the front door shut so I knew they weren't home anymore.
    I turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower, allowing the steam and warmth to penetrate my skin and relax my whole body, making me feel a lot better. I washed my hair and my body, then got out of the shower and dried off, trying to avoid my gastly reflection in the mirror.
    I made my way back to my room and got dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a crewneck shirt from H&M with a big cassette tape on it. Now, to try and hide my face. I grabbed all the makeup I owned and made my way back to the bathroom to use the huge mirror.
    First, foundation. I applied so much that it almost covered the whole bruise, but it wouldn't be that simple to hide it. Even under the thick makeup, you could still see the tint of purple, so next, I applied more and more powder until there was almost no purple left. Then I did my usual eye makeup, just mascara with a thin line of liquid-liner and I felt okay with my appearance. Just as I was adding the finishing touched to myself, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I ignored it and went downstairs and made my way to the kitchen where I found a hundred dollar bill with another 50$ on top of it. I couldn't believe it, they actually left this much money for me? Maybe Tom was using it to apologize or something...
    I finally pulled out my phone to check who had texted me, and I found myself smiling when I opened it to find it had been Harry.
    Hey Amy, your mom said that you weren't doing anything today, and that we should hang out, haha! Let's go out for lunch and shop for a bit, yeah? -Harry xx
    I replied quickly,
    Yeah for sure, Harry! How does 12 sound? Let's go to Starbucks then we can walk over to the mall - Amy xx
    Sounds great, see you then love! -Harry xx
    I could tell this was going to be an interesting afternoon.
    We really like your feedback, I know this was kind of a boring chapter but next chapter will be better, I promise! We just need a few filler chapters, you feel me?
    I hope you liked it anyways,
    -Kt ;*
    Format Credit: Cookiedoughformats

  3. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    January 15, 2013 7:26pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 9
    I woke from my nap to my phone vibrating on my face.
    "Can I come over? xx-Harry"
    "Sure thang (: xx-Amy"
    Moments later there was a knock on my door, I wasn't going to turn down the offer,
    he's basically my only friend, it's Saturday night, and I'm home alone with nothing to do.
    "Hey Amy." he smiled, letting that beautiful, deep, cheshire accent ring like music to my ears.
    "Tea?" I asked.
    "Sure! Just like yesterday." he laughed.
    He sat the cabinet beside me while I boiled the tea.
    We made small talk while the tea was boiling.
    Then we sat down to drink it, and the question was roaming my mind endlessly.
    "So yeah, my mom got her hand stuck in a jar once and-" he begun but was cut off my me,
    "What are you going to sing for x-factor?" I asked, the words poured out of my mouth, I didn't want to interrupt his boring story, but still, I couldn't hold it in much longer.
    "What?" he said, he heard me he was just shocked that I was usually polite but cut him off.
    "Harry, what are you-" I began
    "I'M HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Tony shouted, from the door.
    He walked into the kitchen.
    "Hey this is Harry, and this is my step-dad Tony." I introduced, and Harry stuck his hand out for a hand shake.
    Tony shrugged it off, rudely.
    "Get out." he growled.
    "Uhm, okay, sorry if I upset you." Harry replied, confused.
    "JUST LEAVE ALREADY!" Tony was now shouting.
    Harry looked upset and just mouthed 'text me', and I nodded.
    "Are you okay?" I asked, shocked by his actions.
    "NO, ARE YOU STUPID?" he shouted in my face.
    I noticed Harry watching from the window, luckily Tony didn't notice.
    "Excuse me?" I scoffed.
    "You shouldn't have people over without my permisson." he said, his voice wicked.
    My lack of responce infuriated him even more.
    "What! No-" I was cut off when his hand brushed against my face, the force so hard I fell right to the floor, my hand immideatly reaching to my cheek to attempt to sooth the discomfort and soon-to-be bruise.
    I saw Harry give a look of concern in his eyes, and when Tony looked away I mouthed, 'leave before he sees.' and rubbed the wound softly.
    I ran to my room crying, half because of pain, half because no one,
    and I mean no one, not even my family loves me.
    I checked my phone.
    "Are you okay, love? I'm worried.. -xxHarry."
    "Yeah, yeah, just peachy. But let's keep that scene between you & I. -Amy"
    "Deal. -Harry"
    hope you enjoyed, okay bye.
    -Hgirl (((((((((((((((((((((((:
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  4. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2013 12:13pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 8
    I honestly really appreciated Harry trying to comfort me, but he wasn't very much help. There was nothing he could do that would help me, because I wish I still lived at home in America. I was accepted there, I had friends... my whole life was there. Now, here I am in England surrounded by new people and no friends, except for Harry. I wish I had NEVER moved here.
    "What's wrong, Amy?" Harry finally asked after I had calmed down a bit.
    When I didn't answer, Harry just pulled me tighter to his chest, and tried to comfort me, but once again there was nothing he could do. When I looked up at him, I realized there was a look of hurt plastered on his face. A feeling of guilt passed through my gut...
    A weak smile spread across his face as he said,
    "It's okay Amy, I understand if you don't want to talk about it."
    "I'm so sorry, Harry."
    I said as I got up and walked to my kitchen. I grabbed my kettle and filled it with water, placing it on the stove top and turning on the heat.
    "Would you like some tea?" I called out into the living room.
    "Yes please." He called back in his deep, raspy voice that I loved so much. I was waitiing for the water to boil as I grabbed two mugs and placed tea bags in them, when I heard something coming from the living room. At first I thought nothing of it, he had probably just turned on the T.V., but when I listened a little bit more closely, I realized that he was singing. I quietly walked back into the living room and stood behind him, just listening. His voice was absolutely angelic as he sang a cover of "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. The song finished all too soon though, because the kettle started to boil as he called out,
    "Amy, are you going to get that?"
    I ignored his question and ran to get the kettle off the stove top, but when I turned back around I was met with Harry's face a lot closer than I anticipated. He was leaning against the door frame to the kitchen, just staring at me.
    "D-did, you hear that?" He asked, quite shyly. He was absolutely adorable.
    "Yeah, Harry you have an amazing voice. One of the best one's I've ever heard." A deep shade of crimson red spread across his cheeks as I turned back around to prepare the tea.
    "You should try out for xfactor!" I exclaimed with my back still turned to him. I heard him pull out on the barstools at the island and sit down. When I turned back around and handed him his tea, he replied
    "I don't know, I don't think I'm good enough for that. What if I messed up? It would be so embarassing."
    "Harry, you're amazing, charming and your voice is gorgeous. You need to try out! I'll be right along side you if you want."
    "Of course I would!"
    "Well Mr. Styles, looks like we need to get you an application."
    Hey guys, so sorry these chapter are so boring, they'll get better soon I promise! We just need a few filler chapters before the story picks up:) Please keep reading, it'll get better I promise!
    Please Please Please leave your feedback, we love reading your thoughts on the story! Or give us some ideas for future chapters, we'd love to hear what you guys think!
    Thanks so much, we love you all!
    -KT <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  5. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2013 11:02am UTC
    I'm pretty sure I'd make the best girlfriend ever,
    But no one would ever know

  6. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2012 5:24pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 7
    I cringed under my own touch. I outlined my jaw with
    my freezing cold fingers. and so old habits return.
    I stared at my self. With one specific look in my eyes.
    I examined my body through my clothes. Yuck.
    I lifted up my shirt a bit, I grabbed at my stomache, and my hips. I put the shirt down.
    I looked down at my shorts, I hit my jiggly thighs, then moved on to the next area.
    I stared at my face. Hideous. I thought.
    Meghan was right, I am fat. No one will ever love me.
    No stalling, I thought, old habits return.
    I put my cold hand around my mouth, and slipped two fingers in, triggering the gag reflex,
    I got near the toilet, and it all came out. All the food, and everything else.
    No eating for a while. I thought.
    I heard a noise, what was that? Is mom home?
    I flushed the toilet and ran down stairs, tears still streaming down my face.
    It was Harry.
    "I let myself in, are you okay? I figured I'd check on you, Meghan just left."
    I needed all the comforting I could get, I jumped in his arms.
    I cuddled him and cried into his shoulder, refusing to tell him what was wrong,
    so we just watched The Notebook.
    Nothing ever right in my life. And I absolutely hate it.
    Sorry It's short! Katie had the idea, and I wasn't sure how to make it really long and descriptive so I tried my best. We will not right next tuesday due to it being Christmas and we're both Christians haha.
    Format Credit: Cookiedoughformats

  7. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    December 10, 2012 9:10pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 6
    The good feeling didn't last long though. Harry and I were making our way back to his car, laughing at one of his ridiculous jokes, when I looked up and saw Meghan sitting on the hood of his car. I stopped laughing and just stared at her as Harry kept telling his joke. He noticed that I wasn't laughing anymore, and looked to where my eyes were looking. I felt his grip tighten on my hand a bit, and he quickened his pace.
    "Meghan, what are you doing."
    Harry stated as we got close enough to the car for her to hear us. It wasn't a question, more of a demand for an answer.
    "Don't you remember, we had plans to hang out tonight!" She squeeked out in her incredibly annoying voice.
    I stood back behind Harry a bit, and to be quite honest, it was because Meghan was quite intimidating. She's really pretty. Her platinum blonde hair, flawless skin, perfect tan and skinny body made me feel insanely insecure. Her royal blue, tie-up shirt was pulled halfway up her stomach, exposing her belly button piercing, and she was wearing tight, white denim short shorts; a look I could never pull off. Not with my average brown hair, grey eyes and rolls hanging out everywhere. I don't have a thigh gap, and I hate everything about my physical appearance.
    "Right, I forgot," Harry said with a sigh.
    "Well come on then silly!" She said grabbing his hand from mine and pulling him towards the car.
    "Uhm, Harry..." I said quietly, just enough for him to hear.
    "Come on Amy, you can come too! We all need to do this project anyways!" he called out over his shoulder. I felt really uncomfortable with the idea of being in the same place with both Harry and Meghan alone, but I did need to finish our health project for gym, because apparently at this school, even if it's your first day there, they expect you to do the same amount of work as everyone else.
    I walked with my head down towards Harry's car and got in the back seat. I buckled up and looked out the window, trying to avoid any contact with either of them. The whole ride home consisted of me silently listening to Meghan fliriting with Harry and Harry laughing.
    It was absolutely awful.
    When we pulled into Harry's driveway, I was the first one out of the car. Thank God.
    I grabbed my backpack and walked up to Harry's front porch, waiting for him to open the door. He made his way up, with Meghan all over him. He was laughing the whole time. I wanted to leave so badly, I mean... what was stopping me? My house was literally 10 steps away. But, I stayed. And that was possibly the worst desicion I've ever made.
    We had spent about 10 minutes actually working on the project, and the rest of the time we were just talking. Or should I say, Meghan and Harry were talking while I was sitting there trying not to throw up.
    "Hey are you guys hungry?" Harry asked as he got up and walked towards the kitchen. Meghan immediatly got up and followed him, like a little puppy. A dangerous puppy.
    "I'm starving, Harry!" She wined. I was hungry too, but I'm not one to complain. I hate talking about food.
    "Well I don't really have any food, how about we order a pizza?" Harry picked up his phone and walked into another room to place the order, when Meghan walked back into the living room where I was and sat down beside me.
    "I hope you're not thinking of eating anything. I mean, look at you. You obviously haven't looked at a treadmill, or a scale, in a really long time." Her words hurt like knives. Obviously I'm not proud of my body, and her pointing it out like that didn't make me feel any better.
    When Harry came back into the living room, I quickly packed up my stuff and told him I had to go.
    "Why do you need to go?" He asked.
    "Uhm, I uhm... I'm not feeling good. Bye guys." I said as I quickly exited his house and walked across the lawn to my place. As soon as I shut the door, the tears started flowing from my eyes and I couldn't stop them. Nobody else was home, so I could cry as hard as I wanted. I look in the full length mirror and picked out every little flaw in myself that I could find. I HATED myself, and Meghan's words kept ringing throughout my ears.
    Then, I did something that would turn my world upside down...
    what's gonna happen to Amy?? Keep reading to find out!
    Love you guys, hoped you liked this chapter!
    -Kt ;*
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  8. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    December 6, 2012 7:29pm UTC
    This quote is dedicated to anyone who has ever looked in a mirror and thought;
    "I'm not good enough."

  9. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    December 5, 2012 9:08pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  10. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 29, 2012 4:03pm UTC
    It's easy for you.
    You're pretty.

  11. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 27, 2012 10:00pm UTC
    Me: *walks into One Direction wax museum*
    Me: *slowly reaches for Harry's crotch*
    Me: Holy mother of jesus it's so big
    Me: Holy crap, it feels so real
    Harry: That's cause it is.
    The boys:
    Me: *turns into a potatoe and rolls away into the sunset*

  12. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 27, 2012 4:57pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 4
    *Harry just kissed me*
    I thought to myself as we both pulled away. The kiss was absolutely perfect. Our lips fit together like a lock and key, and I felt fireworks as soon as our lips connected. It was amazing.
    "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Harry said as he flashed me one of those perfectly cheeky smiles, revealing his beautiful dimples.
    "You will?" I asked,
    "Yeah, we're probably going to the same school, right? There's only one around here. Tomorrow's Monday, remember?" My stomach sank at the thought of school. I had been bullied for as long as I can remember and I dreaded going back into such an awful place. But this school could be different, you know? Especially if Harry goes there.
    "Oh yeah, I forgot. Yeah I'll see you tomorrow!" I said, smiling wide.
    "Do you want a ride in the morning?" He asked me. I thought about it for a minute before answering.
    "Yeah! Does 8:00 work for you?"
    "Yep! See you then."
    He replied as he pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged back, and I knew I wouldn't be the first one to let go.
    Harry stepped back and made his way down my front steps and across our lawns over to his house. I watched him intently, analyzing his every move. I was beginning to notice everything about this boy, from the way he walks to the way he smells, and I knew I was head-over-heels in love with this boy.
    He waved at me as he entered his house, and of course, being me, I was completely zoned out thinking about him, and I didn't notice anything until I saw him laugh, shake his head and walk inside.
    .......Why me?
    *beep beep beep*
    That horrible noise woke me up this morning way too early before any human should be up. I'm definitely not a morning person.
    After I finished getting ready I realized I had about 15 minutes to just hang out before Harry would be here, so I plopped down on my sofa and turned the T.V. to the cartoon network where SpongeBob was playing. I wasn't really paying attention though, my mind was too occupied with mine and Harry's kiss last night. Does this mean he likes me too? I mean, he's the one that leant in...
    *knock knock*
    The knock at the door made me snap out of my daydreaming, and I looked at my clock quickly before opening the front door. It was exactly 8:00am. Harry was right on time, as usual.
    "Hey!" He said smiling as he moved out of the way for me to exit my house.
    "Hey how are you?" I asked as I locked my door and made my way down to his car.
    "I'm great, and you?" He asked as he opened the passenger door for me like a gentleman. I smiled and got in, and as soon as he closed the door, I whispered to myself, "I'm falling apart."
    He got in the driver side and turned on the engine. We made our way to school, just making small talk. There wasn't really much to talk about, we really didn't know eachother that well yet.
    We pulled into the school parking lot, and one look at this building made me feel sick to my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up.
    "Amy are you okay?" Harry asked as he looked over at me with worried eyes.
    "Yeah I'm fine, first day nerves I guess." I said as I was about to open the door.
    "No wait!" Harry said as he jumped out of the car. He ran to the other side and opened the door for me, holding out his hand to help me out.
    I gladly took it, I needed as much help as I could get.
    I looked at the school again and my stomach didn't stop churching. I ignored it, and made my way to the front doors with Harry.
    Halfway there, I guess Harry must have noticed that I looked absolutely terrified, cause he grabbed my hand and said,
    "Amy you're gonna do great. Everyone will love you!"
    I smiled at him, but didn't say anything. Cause I knew deep down,
    no one loves me. Ever.
    Hey guys I know this chapter was kind of boring, but next chapter will be fantastic okay please don't stop reading it means so much to Haylie and myself to have you guys! :)
    -kt ;* love you
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  13. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 25, 2012 4:17pm UTC
    Harry Styles.
    The hardest part is accepting that he'll never love you. He'll probably never know you either, he'll never know you exist. It's nearly impossible to accept the fact that he's gonna end up with another woman, who probably won't love him as much as you. It's hard knowing that in his eyes, you're just another fan.
    We all think of scenarios in our heads of when we meet them, hoping that we'll be that one fan that they take a second look at. But we won't be. They'll sign your album, maybe give you a high 5... but then the line will keep moving. When you get to Harry, you'll stop breathing, stop moving... but it won't matter to him. He's used to that reaction. He'll sign your cd, smile and you'll keep moving. As you walk away, you'll be crushed... and you'll wish you could go back and do things differently. Tell him how much you love him, tell him everything... but even if you could go back, you wouldn't say anything different. Because deep down, you know that he would forget about you anyways.
    I just wish Harry Styles could see this so he could see just how much he really means to me. Because in his eyes, I'm a directioner... but in my eyes,
    He's everything.

  14. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 20, 2012 10:05pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 3
    I figured I'd change into something dry while Harry
    did whatever it was he had to do. Immeadatly my mother and I started arguing. About my dead father. Again.
    I texted Harry saying I wouldn't make it, and he responded with
    "Need to talk about anything love?"
    i ignored the text and cried harder.
    "I can't help it mom, your trying to replace him." I said when she stood at my door asking why I was being 'unreasonable'.
    "You need to get over yourself. He's dead, gone, never coming back. Just get over it already." She said, what a b/tch!
    "Your an awful person, I hate you!" I screamed slamming the door in her face.
    My dad had died from kidney failure the year before.
    Two months after mom and Tony got serious. About two years after the divorce. My dad was my hero, my safe place. My mom hated him, and that's probably why she's being so mean, that and
    shes tipsy.
    I went on the balcony, and
    heard Harry next door on his singing softly. He must have noticed because he stopped and came over to mine.
    "Amy." He whispered, cupping my face with his hands.
    I cried into his chest and told him everything. He made it all better.
    "Harry, you should try out for X factor." I said, after I cheered up a bit.
    "You're really good," I continued.
    "Thanks babe. It means a lot coming from you." He said, smiling, which revealed his beautiful dimples. Tehe, 'babe', that made me blush,
    We just sat there, staring into each others eyes. At last, what I had been waiting for, he leaned in and well,
    Harry Styles from next door kissed me.
    -Haylie <33333
    we appricieate feedback. Good or bad.
    Format Credit: Cookiedoughformats

  15. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2012 4:03pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 2 part 2
    "Harry stop running, I'm too fat to keep up!"
    Oops... it slipped out. I regretted my words immediatly after I said them.
    Harry called back. Maybe he was too far ahead of me to hear what I said...
    I called back quickly. I jogged up to meet him, but when I kept walking towards the lake, he spun me around and stared at me for a minute.
    "Harry what are you doing?"
    "Amy you're not fat. You're perfect."
    And with those last two words, the butterflys in my stomach went crazy.
    "You wanna go get your eyes checked Harry?"
    "My eyes are perfectly fine Amy. You're perfect to me."
    I pulled out of his grasp and kept walking towards the lake with my head down. Why is he saying stuff like that? Is he trying to make me fall for him? Whatever he was doing... it was working.
    I was slowly falling for Harry Styles and I couldn't stop myself.
    "Amy I'm bored." Harry said out of nowhere after we had been playing 2 truths 1 lie for about an hour to try and get to know eachother a bit more.
    "Well... what do you want to do?"
    "Let's play hide and seek!"
    "Alright, you're it first!" Harry covered his eyes as I made my way to my "stealthy" hiding spot. It was kind of obvious actually... I was hiding in a bush at the water's front.
    I thought I had him beat when all of a sudden I heard someone behind me. I quickly turned around... but me, being my clumsy self, slipped on some mud I hadn't noticed and I fell into the lake. The FREEZING, cold lake. First off I was super embarassed for falling... but to make matters worse, Harry didn't give me any time to get out of the lake by myself, so he pulled me out himself. But he wouldn't put me down, and he carried me to his car. I don't even know how he managed to lift me... You see, I'm not like obese or anything, but I'm not the skinniest person you'll ever come across. I was really insecure with my weight and I felt really embarassed that he had to carry me.
    Before I knew it, we were back at Harry's house, which conveniently... is right beside mine. I got out of the car as we pulled into his driveway, and I was about to make my way across the lawn to my house when I heard Harry call out,
    "Amy, wait! Come here, we can still hang out for a bit!"
    "But Harry, I'm freezing!"
    "Just wait here babe."
    I made my way back over to his porch swing and sat down, almost falling off again. Oh my God, I'm actually such a clutz it's not even funny.
    Harry jogged across his porch and entered his house. As soon as the door shut behind him, I let out a loud sigh/breath.
    This boy was absolutely amazing. He was extremely attractive, but his personnality is great aswell. We only met this morning, but he's already treating me like his best friend...
    I could feel myself falling for this boy;
    I could feel myself falling for Harry Styles.
    -Katie ;*
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  16. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 13, 2012 5:13pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 2 part 1
    "Hey Harry," I said as I awkwardly sat down in my chair at the deserted restaurant.
    "Hey, how are you?" He asked as he sat down aswell.
    "I hate it here." I mumbled under my breath, making sure he couldn't hear me.
    "Pardon?" He asked, leaning in a bit over the table to try and hear me.
    "I'm doing fine, you?" I said, louder.
    "Fine, I guess." He said back, flashing me a small smile, barely revealing his adorable dimples. Suddenly, I felt butterfly's in my stomach... hmm, that's weird.
    After we all finished our dinner, we made our way outside to leave. but just as I was about to walk away with Tony and my mom, I felt someone grab my hand. I turned around and was met with Harry's sea green eyes.
    "Hey, wanna hang out later?" He asked, with hopeful eyes that I got lost in... "Hello? Amy?" He said, waving his large hand infront of my face.
    "Oh sorry, yeah I would love to!"
    I drove Tony, my mom and myself back home and quickly ran upstairs to change into a pair of blue jeans and a grey cardigan. My hair was still straight from before, so I walked back down the stairs... or, I guess you could say tripped and fell down a flight of them when I heard the doorbell ring. I picked myself up and straightened out my clothes before opening the door. There stood Harry in his beige pants and white v-neck.
    "Hey, you alright? I heard a crash or something..." He said as I exited my house and shut the door.
    "Yeah, I'm just kind of clumsy, but I'm fine. Where are we going, Harry?" I asked intently.
    "The park!"
    "Harry what are we doing here?" I asked as I got out of his car and shut the door behind me. He walked around to the other side of the car to where I was, and pointed out towards the crystal clear blue lake with the moon reflecting off the surface.
    "We're gonna go sit over there..."
    "And do what?" I asked, teasing.
    This was odd, I've never met a guy who would have done this with me before. It's like we were in a book or something...
    "Come on then!" He shouted, running towards the lake like a child would. I laughed to myself and ran after him.
    This chapter was superrr long, so I have to split it up into 2 parts!!
    Next part will be up shortly! :)
    We love to hear your feedback, it's appreciated sososo much! If you like the story so far, then tell your friends about it!! Love you guys soo much :)
    -Katie ;*
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  17. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    November 6, 2012 1:31pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    Chapter 1.
    "Nice to meet you, Harry." I said with a big smile. He was cute....really cute.
    "The pleasure is all mine." He said sweetly. God I swear that beautiful accent will be the death of me.
    I helped dry his shirt up a bit, while my mother and Tony were waiting outside.
    "You gotta last name, Amy?" he asked.
    "Sparks." I replied, "And you?"
    "Styles. Harry Styles."
    "Later, Styles." I winked.
    "Later, Sparks." he said, returning the wink.
    I walked outside to find Tony and my mom smiling like idiots.
    "Yes?" I asked.
    "You got a new friend, yes?" Tony said.
    "No, it was just an accident.." I said, blushing.
    I heard the door open behind me, and I felt a tap on my shoulder.
    "Again. Really, really nice to meet you." Harry said, walking off.
    "I'm assuming that was an accident too?" Tony joked. I scoffed and got into the car.
    He had a good sence of humor, was polite, and treated my mother well, but I still don't like him. I wish I had my father here instead.
    "AMY!" my mom yelled from downstairs, "WE'RE GOING TO MEET THE NEIGHBORS OVER DINNER IN AN HOUR. BE READY BY 7:30!!!"
    "OKAY!" I yelled back.
    I got up and yawned, she had woken me from my nap.
    I straightened my hair, and put makeup on just to perfect my mini skirt, it was navy blue, and went great with my white top. I accessorized and was done five minutes late, as usual.
    I jogged down to the car, almost slipping on the stairs.
    I voluntered to drive, to get to know the streets a little better.
    I already knew there were two parents, I knew there names, and they had a colledge aged daughter, as well as a 16 year-old son.
    My age. I parked in the resturaunt and was greeted by the parents and we waited
    for the son to come out. We really did mean 'see each other later' I guess, but this really was an accident. He sat across from me, and his parents' introduced everyone but when she got to me he said, "I already met her."
    Of course I was talking about the charming, green eyed, brown-curly haired boy named,
    you know, Harry Styles?
    I will write every-other chapter, so next tuesday it will be Katie (:
    Feedback? please tell your witty friends about this.
    Thanks, -HAYLIE <3
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  18. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    October 30, 2012 7:17pm UTC
    I Left My Heart in Cheshire
    My bare feet hit the cold wooden floor of what will be considered my "new home." I was making my way up the long staircase carrying a box to my room, when I tripped a bit. God, I'm such a clutz.
    I dropped the box off and looked around at my surroundings in disgust. This is not my home. This will never be my home.
    Just as I was about to flop over onto my new bed, when my mom called out,
    "HEY AMY! Tony's meeting us at starbucks in 20 minutes! Get ready!" I groaned and walked over to a box that had my name labelled on it, pulled out a purple chiffon shirt and a pair of black jeans. I plugged my straightner in and got dressed, tucking my shirt into my pants. I picked up my straightner and began to straighten seperate strands of my hair. As I was doing so, I looked at myself in the mirror, analyzing my features. My grey eyes were staring back at me blankely, and my medium length brown hair was starting to get to the shape I wanted it to.
    I finshed straightening my hair, and hurried downstairs. As soon as I opened the front door, the cold winter air filled my lungs and my breathe hitched in my throat. I guess I'm not used to this weather... I guess I'm not used to anything yet.
    When we got to Starbucks, I went and ordered all our food. I got a pumpkin spice latee, and as the cashier handed it to me, I turned around quickly and bumped into someone.
    "Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" I exclaimed, trying to clean up the spill.
    "Hey no worries, I didn't like this shirt anyways." A deep husky voice said. I looked up at the person who I had spilled on, and I was met with sea green eyes staring back at me. His chocolate brown curls framed his face perfectly, and his smile was to die for. Suddenly feeling very shy, I quickly straightened up and awkwardly stood there. He reached his hand out and said,
    "Hi, I'm Harry."
    I returned the gesture and said,
    "I'm Amy."
    I love you guys so much & it would be amazing if you could fave this is you read it! :D <3 Thanks so much -Katie
    Format Credit: Cookiedoughformats

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    October 25, 2012 6:17pm UTC
    OneDirection Imagines
    ~ Personal Imagine for Debbie_K~
    "What's up?" you answered the phone to your boyfriend, Niall.
    "It's my grandma." he said, and you instantly knew this couldn't be good, she had been sick, and you could tell he had been crying and had a lump in his throat, "She has cancer."
    You felt your eyes water. "Grandma Horan?" you asked.
    "Yeah, my dad's mother." he said and you could here him quietly sobbing on the other line.
    "Don't let it get to you. We'll pray, and I'm sure all of your fans will. We will fight with her, we'll do this, together." you assured him.
    ~6 months later~
    The doctor came out of the room. You had been comforting Niall all afternoon.
    "Well..?" he asked.
    "She beat it." he said, and Niall jumped up and pulled you into a Horan Hug.
    "you called it.." he whispered in your ear, "I love you...we got through this...together."
    -Haylie .

  20. 1Dimaginettes 1Dimaginettes
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    October 25, 2012 5:47pm UTC
    Hey guys!
    Okay so since we haven't been getting a lot of requests for personal imagines lately, we have decided to make a long fanfiction story. It will be starting next week! The prologue will be up Monday, and the first chapter will be up Tuesday! Starting this tuesday, there will be a new chapter up every week, so leave a comment if you'd like to be notified!
    Do you want a hint about the story?
    All I can tell you is that Harry Styles will be a big part of it... ;)
    And the title is
    That's all I have for you guys.
    Keep an eye out for the story... I hope you'll all enjoy it!
    Stay beautiful!
    -Katie & Hayliee


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